Young expats in Johor?

Hi there,

Well, first of all, Johor sucks. Literally nothing interesting here.

So, if anyone wants to hang out, play games and have an intelligence conversations about everything,
drop me a message!

See ya! … s_in_Johor

That's before you start exploring the culture and finding out how the place ticks.

i want...hehehe

in johor have many place...
if u like to climb hill, go to Ledang Mountain at Tangkak Johor.Also have place to swim in forest

If u like Padi Field, can come to my hometown at Bukit Gambir, Muar Johor

want to know about culture, come to Kg Sawah Ring, Tangkak Johor

All of Malaysia is heaving with piles of things to do.
All you must do is find them. A mind open to new ideas is essential or you'll find nothing.

Thanks for your advises Fred. But sorry to disappointing you, I've been living here for more than 10 years and i failed to see those places from Wikipedia as interesting as you think they are. I've been there and  I've been to all states in Malaysia and some of them are not worth visiting with bad exhibitions and poorly maintain, etc.

I am very aware of Malaysian cultures and how it affect the behavior of its citizen socially and psychologically.

From the tourist point of views, yes, new places to discover for them are very exciting. I agree that there are lots of things to do in Malaysia generally, but living here and visiting here are two different concepts .

Hi Shahriman,

Thanks for your kind reply. I stay in Johor Bahru which is about 3 hours driving to Tangkak? I've been there before, lots of forest surrounding the area when i drove passed Tangkak, I was lost on my way to Terengganu and took an exit to Tangkak :)

However if you are around JB, just text me. We can hang out.

sallyabraham :

, but living here and visiting here are two different concepts .

I have to disagree.
I could spend 20 years there and never run out of things to do.
I'm managed over nine in Indonesia but hardly started. Still about a million things to do here, and even more in Malaysia as I had so little time there.
Tell me, how many boat burning ceremonies have you been invited to, and how many times have you been to explore the Chinese communist villages from the emergency?
How you explored the old colonial history and seen how it's made its mark on modern Malay culture.
Have you seen the place KL all started and tried to imagine what it must have been like for the tin miners all those years ago?
Have you gone out to discover the way the various communities work and don't work with each other, trying to find out what the real situation in that country is?
Have you appeared on Malaysian TV and been interviewed by Malaysian papers when they find your interest in that wonderful country, and have you gone out to see the ............. <add a million things here>.

No bit of Malaysia "sucks" (God, I hate that rubbish word).


where u from btw?

get a friend there and explore the other places

Hi There Sally.

I have to agree with you. 1st impressions on this place are not good, and I have been an expat ina few different countries

I don't know what you class as young but I'm mid 40s and still young :)

Anyhow I have just arrived and am looking for a place to live short term at least.
Seeing as you have been here a while if you have any leads/contacts connections that you think could be useful can you please let me know as am getting nowhere so far.



sallyabraham,how are you coping with every day's activities, wish you all the best ,i look forward to your reply.

Hey. So are you going to rent a place for few months?
Where are you staying right now?

i stay far away Nigeria.

Johor became a commercial place due to proximity of Singapore, and many Singaporeans visit Johar Bahru for shopping. There is not much you can get there. I have been there couple of times and it's a boring place to say the least. Not much happening place and no night life.

hi, i did not hear from you ,how are you getting on with work and life, are you OK MR.surya, believe me i wish you all the best.

Buonasera & Greetings Sally!

Are you still livin in Johor ? I thought you should be havin fun as youre close to singapore no ?
Keep in touch!

Not sure, which part of Johor you are living , but i think there are a lot of places you can go to chill and hang out. off course take care and be caution. places like Puteri Habour is nice to chill out with friends. and there are more places. It depends on what you like.

I just started living in Malaysia last December but I totally agree with you!
I'm living near subang airport, spending most of my time in gym or some studio class that I booked on kfit. Would love to meet some friends who has same interest!

Am interested, i have never being to Johor but i believe one day i will, to know the things i don't about johor, i need a friend to chat with, talk about travel, places, culture, and above all how to make some thing out of nothing.

Thanks for being there.

Hi all,

Nice to see others trying to meet up!

I've just arrived in Johor Bahru for the next two years, I'll be settling in for the next week or so and then would be keen to make some friends.

I'm pretty flexible with trying new things/hanging out. If anyone fancies any casual sport sessions or drinks and a conversation let me know.


Hi i am planning to move to Johar Bahru for permanent job in very near future. Employer has offered me 20000 RM salary per month along with other facility like school education reimbursement + medical benefits + 50 % house rent allowance + annual travel benefit. Whether it would be sufficient salary to live good life there. What would be monthly cost to run four members family (2 adults + 2 school going kids) like rent + gas,water, electricity, internet bills + monthly groceries and vegetables + other routine costs. Here in india i am getting good salary of 1.7 lakh pm net after deducting tax amount. Please suggest should it be good offer to take it up???

Hai Sally, whats wrong with JB ?

Hi sallyabraham,

I live in Johor with my partner, I’m 24 and I stay somewhere in Taman Sri Tebrau. It would be fun to meet up if you have the time :-)

Hi Tom,

I just moved here in Johor as well, it would be great to meet up with some people.

Hey Sally,

Are you still in Johor?

Hi :) I'm an expat too who just moved here in Johor. I want to meet fellows expats too in the area. I'm living somewhere in Nusajaya.

i heard there will be a party for young expats somewhere in Medini coming up... i will keep you guys posted if i get any intimation on when its happening

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