Moving to San Miguel de Allende

I realize some of the posts on this forum are over a year old now, but I will be driving to San Miguel de Allende from Virginia, USA in September 2018 (crossing border at Larado). It will be myself, my wife and two dogs. I am just interesting in hearing from anyone who has done this trip recently, and who is prepared to offer me any tips or advice that might be useful. Please feel free to share what you did, how you did it, and any interesting stories that would be worthwhile hearing. PS I have a Residente Permanente visa and my wife (whose car we are driving into the country temporarily) is on a Residente Temporale visa.

Hi there. Just saw your post and I was interested in what you may have experienced so far in San Miguel that you would like to share. My husband and I and two dogs will be driving to San Miguel at the end of October 2018.  Any tips or advice that would be useful  would be so appreciated

Sorry, we are not living there yet. We will be arriving in SMA approximately the same  timeframe as you.  We can compare notes towards the end of November and see hoe we are doing.

I am very interested to learn your experience as we will likely be moving from Virginia in February 2019.  In our case I will be the one with the permanent residency and my husband will hold the temporary :-)

P.S.  We are currenly in Guanajuato for the Cervantino festival and popping back and forth to SMA as we, hopefully, prepare to close on a property there.  We are in the area until October 29th so maybe we could plan a meet up?

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