Hello Everyone;

My name is Rob Ratliff, I am going to retire in Panama. I am looking for some land to buy not to far from the town of David. Can someone please give me a good contact number for a realestate person?
I want to buy some land so I can build my own house.



E-Mail; ****

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i met you over 14 years ago when you first moved here what kind of scam are you running ratcliff do i post a link to your face on the gardening panama forum where you have been since the inception jajajaja


You have me confused with someone else. My last name is spelled RATLIFF. There is not a c in my last name. Also I have not been in Panama as yet, so I do not know who you are!

Rob Ratliff

It is highly recommended that you rent for 6-12 months first. You can become familiar with various areas and develop relationships with locals which is hugely helpful in finding possible properties at fair prices. But Eduardo is a good guy to know in real estate, and his info is on this page. For those of you following the legal needs discussion there is a good lawyer there as well. https://blog.thepanamaadventure.com/201 … in-panama/

Thank you for the information.


Back at ya.....  I've been here almost 20 years and can't wait to go back to the States. Take my advise... this place sucks... it's getting very expensive now for food, gas, electric and meds and housing is getting up there too, either renting or buying. Watch out for the professionals. That means both in and out of government, including the hot latinas.

I could go on but you get the idea. BTW, I have  a beautiful Finca/Ranch for sale in Los Santos. 10hctrs/25 acres +/- with views of the ocean and mountains, plenty of fresh clean water, great for cattle or development. Big 2 story house, big bodega and a large galera with oil pit, for maintenance work. Also a 45KW generator.



How do you want for your place? Can you explain a little more about what you were refering to (the professionals). I do not know that much about Panama. Why has it become so bad for you?


I was woundering, I am talking to a lady about land she has for sale. She is asking 109,000.00 for 7.85 arcers that has a river that run years roundon oneside of it. It is near the town of Boquete. Is trhis a good price?



if it has road frontage and access to water and elec i would say yes

thanks for correcting me ,, he is something of a troll and i was thinking he was at it again   sorry i have been here 17 years my first two as a guide active all over the country then i sold out bought a couple of boats and was a fishing guide on lake gatun for 7 years ,, ant way i can be of help as i have been down every back road in the country ,, and there are still  some great bargains to be had ,, do not be afraid of  ROP property as i have bought 2 of them just be aware if you want title it can take two years and much patience .. good luck

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