Legal services in Portugal


Legal services can be a headache when you don't have the relevant and necessary information, especially upon moving to a new country. Please share some tips regarding legal services in Portugal.

What types of legal services might an expat need in Portugal?

Are legal services easily accessible?

What are the best ways to go about finding a professional for your legal needs in Portugal? (e.g. online, yellow pages, word of mouth)?

What are the most affordable options for legal services (private, public, etc.)? Is there a range regarding fees?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


Hey guys,

You will find a lot of information on each portuguese consulate in your country r on the online ministry of foreign affairs.

But here is a good lawyer firm that takes care of all expat issues and even representation for portuguese living overseas that have no one to represent them to the finance department.

Really they are good and can help you with some answers, however they are lawyers so even for a skype meeting you have to pay.

I hope this helps a little.

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Hi Pricilla

I am from London originally
I practised law for nearly 30 years there
I now live in Lisbon and work with several lawyers here
in Portugal based in Roma
So I have never needed any legal services but
I am able to deal with possibly every aspect of
any legal service any Ex pat would want!!
I think the problem most people have is that of
trust and maybe the language barrier
Best wishes to everyone and maybe hear from someone soon
Chris Howard

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Hi Chris
I realise that most of your experience will be with UK citizens, but do you think I would need legal services to apply for entry into Portugal as a South African citizen, or is dealing directly with SEF on our own good enough?
My husband is an EU citizen (Dutch), now living and working in Portugal for the last month and a half. He is waiting to get an appointment with SEF to find out about arranging a "family reunification" for me and my daughter, who is 23 but has been financially dependent on us as she has been living with and working for us.

I really, really do not want to have to go through the Schengen visa process just to gain entry, as we don't plan to come back to SA at all, and there are huge cost implications for this visa on the "returning to SA" basis. I've also seen that many SA visas are refused due to the applicants being unable to show "willingness to return". 
I don't want to apply as an asylum seeker, so we are desperate to know if this method of gaining entry (ie via my husband's rights as EU passport holder to have his family join him) will be possible. As far as we know, we have the right to: enter, live, stay, work as his family.
Would be grateful for any advice!

Kind regards
Janine Westerweel


my husband is from the UK and he has got a residence in portugal . i ' m from morocco ; i would like to join him  so what i heard is that i need to book an appointment for family reunification by calling SEF , but It's been 1 month i m trying to call from morocco  but in vain , unavailable. my husband travel a lot , he can't wait in portugal to reach the phone . so what can i do in this case? thank u

You can get someone here to make an appointment with the SEF
you will need come to the SEF with him at some point with all the required documents
It is not a cheap process
What type of residency does he have?
My mobile is ***

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