German in Austria --> Greece

my name is Marion, I am German, living in Austria. This year we took the chance to visit Greece from Igoumenitsa towards the south west of Penepoles to find out more if and how we could settle over.

We saw many great places and found some good ideas how to earn money for our living, but we also heard, that it is really hard to start for example with an own company and the formalities seem to be very confusing. On the other hand, it looks like it's much more free and not so over-regulated as in Germany and Austria for example.

Is there anybody here who started with his own business e.g. in tourism?
Best wishes

Hello,well it looks like you may well be in luck with starting a new business,if you go on line to...setting up a business will take up to two is the Greek newspaper where you will see this article dated 22 6 18.It says first find out what papers need to be shown,bring them and its simple,if the papers are lacking then you may loose your application and have to start again or the whole process is possible to do on line.Tourism is definately the way to go here in Greece,especially the very wanted islands,Crete is overflowing with expats and tourists as are many other islands.Look at the article on line,I think it will help you and give you hope.

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