Wants to move to Japan

Hello everyone,
I'm Seth from Ghana and currently in China. I want to moved to Japan this year on a tour visa. Any help as to how to change from tour visa to work visa when I come to Japan from China.

You cannot simply change visas in Japan.

Can you give me some guidelines as to how to go by it when I get to Japan. Thanks

You cannot change a tourist visa to a work visa.  You have to find a job and your employer will arrange visa for you.

It is almost impossible for expats to get work in Japan unless you have a specialized skill that no Japanese person can do.

What sort of work are you looking for. What specialist skills do you have. How much work experience have you had.

Do you speak Japanese. If not then it will be virtually impossible for you.

Thank you very much for the elaboration you have done for me.
For now I think I can make my own decisions about coming to Japan with what you have said.
Once again , thank you very much

Hello Seth,
Nice to meet you. I am a Ghanaian, on  long time `Permanent resident` status here in Tokyo. You asked if you  can come visit here on a tourist visa and change to a work visa?
In the first place, changing from tourist visa to work visa (generally) is very difficult (maybe impossible).
In any rare case where it may be possible, maybe, some factors eg your education background & Tech skills ( university,college,special education etc) will be a major factor. Please consider all these before you make any move.Feel very free to ask questions about life here  (generally) and I hope you`ll get to learn and know a little better. have a good day.

Thank you
I have a diploma in education back home in Ghana. But was think to get a factory job to do than to teach English to the kids. How about that bro.
To get the tour visa as a student is always easy to do. I'm a student in China here but is illegal for students to work in China which has made life difficult because money is not coming from home. That is why I wanted to come there and do a factory work than to quit school and go back home.
I hope you have understood me.
If there is a way to get some chance then you let me know.
Once again, thank you for replying me.
I really appreciate it

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