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Last year is my first year working in Singapore. I didnt know that I need to work in SG for at least 6 months. So I resigned after 5 months of working and had to pay tax super high as a non-resident.

I came back SG early this year and started worked for a company for almost 3 months. but sadly I didnt pass my probation and my working pass will be canceled soon. The moment they cancel my pass, I will have to pay the tax again.

Any pieces of advice or tips on how to deal with this issue. I really don't have enough that amount of money to pay like 2k tax anymore. =(( Please help

Nothing can be done. It’s a clear cut tax rate which applies in every country.

Hope next time you will continue to work more than 6 months in order for you to pay tax under the falling tax rate slabs. How come you don’t have money to pay a tax of 15% on your total income (22% of $320k or above annual gross salary)? You have to pay full amount before you leave or else you may get harsh penalties in future including not allowing to get work pass here. Good luck

First, let me say that a 15% tax rate is still far lower than most developed or rich countries (and also many poorer ones - I paid higher rates e.g. in Thailand and Indonesia).
Second, your employer has to (by law) withhold your last salary until IRAS has calculated your taxed due. They will then pay those taxes from the withheld salary and give you the remainder (if any).

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