Tax on benefits?

We are a family of 3 that recently got a contract to move to singapore. I would like to calculate how much money will be left after tax to determine if the contract is good for us, but I cant find any relevant examples when searching on the internet so Im hoping you can help

are allowances considered as income tax?

How much tax would we pay on accomodation? We have a housing allowance of 6500 sgd. is it added to the income and we pay income tax or is the housing taxed separately?

How do we calculate tax on company car?

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I suggest you check out our Living in Singapore guide to gather infos you are seeking and more.


You can find information on Singapore tax matters here:
All allowances and accommodation are taxed at their full balue, thus you should add them to your salary.
Tax rates are low enough, so this is not a major concern. But living costs are high - make sure your employer pays school fees (instead of a car, which you don't need).

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