giving birth in BAli

Hello everyone

We are a  french couple who would like to expat in Bali this summer . I m entrepreneur and have my own company based in England . My wife is 1 month pregnant now .
We would love to spent 1 year in Bali near Ubud but don 't really undrstand how we could get Visa and the condition of birth in Bali .
We would need some help from anyone who could give us information or advices.
Thank you all

Hi.. Congrats for the baby.

For a year live in bali normally you and your wife need a Kitas and must have indonesian citizen sponsorship to stay longer, its either relative or company. Besides that immigration will questioning your occupation to stay a year in Bali.  if you lucky you could get visa staying 6 months and need to out from indonesia and back and can stay for another 6 months. some people do a dodgy way like flying out indonesia and back again once the visa staying for 30 days is finished. I wont suggest you that, first its risky and second It will be hectic for your wife since some doctor wont advice early pregnant lady to flying around. Maybe the best is find company or people you know that  can sponsor your visa to stay for a year, for the medical insurance i believe nowadays alot international insurance that applicable in BALI, for expat normally they will send you to BIMC hospital in By Pass Ngurah Rai or Siloam Hospital. If you need more info or contact agent to make it easier just let PM me.

Anyway good luck!


Thanks a lot

we appreciate your answer . Is it very hard to find a company or someone to get the long term visa .
thx a lot

Its all depend on "Who You Know" :)

Thats the tips. Bali is nice place to Live and Work, keep on trying

I don t know nobody actually . hope good karma will work as we ll see the baby coming soon . thank you

A year will require a sponsor in order to get a KITAS limited stay permit.
The other option is a SosBud 2 month visa (renewable twice), and leave the country for a few days but, at 7 months in, that's probably a bad idea for your wife.
There are agents around but watch pricing for the KITAS.
As I no longer have much to do with immigration I'm not familiar with up to date prices but I understand the things are about a million Rupiah each.
After that, it's agent and sponsorship fees.

Thank you
look like not easy to find this from hère .
best is may be to go in ubud as it s our futur location (if iwork).
and check there to find solutions .but we don t have much time .so thank you very much for your kind answer .thx

For things specific to Ubud, try to contact a forum member here, Ubudian.
He's been there for years and knows it very well.

He doesn't use the forum much but, if a private message doesn't get through, I'll give him a call for you and ask if he can help.

thank you again .
I ll try to find him .
Bless you and let s see !!!!

It will be worth contacting your Embassay etc. I’m only suggesting this as I know several French citizens have had difficulty with documents (from France) but not with a birth
You may be required by French/ EU law to complete formalities to register your child as a French citizen once you return to France (South Africa is a nightmare)
Visit ALL hospitals and through word of mouth (suggestions) it’s worth paying the extra for care your used too
Some hospitals in my area I wouldn’t let a stray dog walk inside

They are one or two insurance companies that can assist with specialist care during a pregnancy (unplanned) but are very expensive so you will have to look into emergency cover and costs ie emergency C section and so on and to be honest compared to UK prices an emergency C Section is about 80% cheaper in Indonesia and some excellent surgeons
You’ll probably get higher quality drugs at the better hospitals (quite a lot comes from France in my area)
VFS have an office in Bali you can apply for passports upto last year they did all EU member countries
AND get all documents verified I would recommend a VERY GOOD agent last thing you want is to be leaving Indonesia and immigration refuse your baby to leave this happens frequently
Congrats and good luck

Different types of visa available in indonesia

1.VOA - if paid usd 35 ,renewable to one month 211 social visa ,six months visa
Vitas will says chop at your passport 60 allowable to live in indonesia,can extend up to 4months 212 ,one year visa business / social visa
60 days per entry 312 KITAS ,working visa ,visa valid one year,with multiple entry 317 ,KITAS dependent visa from a kitas holder or indonesian wife 319 retirement visa;age 55 can apply

Two years kitas holder ,from indonesian wife

3or 4 years kitas holder,company shareholder,director or president director


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