Any Benefits that Am Entitled To...

Hello Community Members

Am currently in London and will be moving to France to live and to work

I CANNOT export my benefits there bcos there here do not allow
that type of benefit

Can I get housing benefit in France from the Goverment there OR any other benefits there in France that I am ENTITLED to

All help VALUED and APPRECIATED with my current inquiry



Welcome to the Forum Tom :)

You are able to receive JSA (Job Seekers allowance) for up to 6 months while you look for work. Your Jobcentre should have all the information you need. This is providing you are a British Citizen.

At the top of the page > Handy Tools > Expat Guide will give you more information regarding the move to France.

Good luck on your journey.

Expat Team

Hello Community Member

Thank you SO MUCH for your answer

Yes Will go to JobCentre in the morning (Tuesday) and ask about

The link on your website will be VERY useful

Many Thanks for your words



It use to be JSA, but its unemployment benefit. They keep changing the name. :)

Hello Sim Community Member

Yes Went to the Job Center for the JSA but was given wrong info (but will get there) lol

Does France have any benefits that I can claim (suppose need to be National) sooner OR later

Also want some Chef OR Kitchen Porter work but my French is basic at the moment

All help is so much VALUED and I Thank YOU for your time



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