House Rental Contract

I've been here three years now ..Really enjoying the experience ..
I rent a nice home in Quang Nam Province ..
I've just been told by my landlord that under no circumstances
can anyone stay in my house over night ...I've never heard of this ..
Apparently it's a stipulation implemented by the local police ..

My question is ... Can they do this ??
What if a family member came to visit ??
They can't stay at my house ???
My girlfriend (Vietnamese) , can't spend a night ??

I'm hopeing someone can shed some light ..


There are rules about registering the stay of anyone staying anywhere here in VN. But a blanket prohibition I have never heard of. There was a time before passage of the new law that unmarried folks could not live together as BF and GF. But that is no longer the case now. Would be worthwhile to check your lease and see if it has a clause. If it does not I would just go to the ward police and register the person.

Appreciate your getting back to me ..
Sat down with the landlord this morning
and we have things worked out ...
I'm very fortunate to have a "really cool" landlord ..
They are just worried about any long term visit by family .
I totally understand that and should they visit I will
take their information to the local officials ...
I'm in a very rural area and the folks are extremely curious
on every move I make and also any one who comes by ...
At first it was very annoying but now after time has passed
I have come to accept ,  this is how it is ...
Now they have made me a part of the village ..

Thanks again

Vietnamese can tend to be that way. They may seem
Like they will stay out of your business and always have the smiley face. But just have a tad bit of flatulence and the entire neighborhood will know what you ate for your last meal in minutes. But they also will have no problem if you brought your entire clan I suspect. They like to charge by the head that is what they are concerned about.  I ran into this several times. When they thought there were two the rent was xx they learned there was four and the rent went up to xxxx

The folks in my village know what I bought at the market before I even get home ...

There won't be anyone around all day , but once I get company
they arrive in droves looking to see what the foreigner is up to ..
It's totally understandable and the people are very friendly and helpful ..
But just a tad too curious. ...

Atypical. I had them walk by in droves and all staring inside my house like a freak show at a circus. But for many they perhaps wonder how us round eyed folks live. And to decorate the house so much at Christmatime they just could not understand. Or the fact I washed down the street in front of my house daily. What a goofball I must be. But it is fun. the '...anyone over night' the contract?  If not, you would only have to register the guest at the local PD.  I've been here nearly 15 years and have only had to register a long term stay who was living with me.  Never had a problem.  But, Quang Nam is also a different place...I tried Tam Ky...I'd never move there...Good luck

Yes They can have simulation in your rental property contract.
Before you rent you must know what the owner requires are for additional people staying on their rental property.
Family members must report their stay to your local police. Your girlfriend must be cleared by the property owner ( Don’t be surprise if they ask for her ID & make a copy) If people agree to letting them stay on that renal property
The property owner might even charge you extra for the additional people. Remember if your water , electricity and cooking gas are included in the rental.

Kind Regards

I have lived here a long time and had oodles of guest come and go. Had people stay for extended periods of time and no one has ever said a thing. Yes, you are suppose to register. If they were staying long termI would. I wish I could tell you the number of Vietnamese relatives I have and have stayed and seen people stay for extended periods and never has anyone registered. back when it was forbidden for unmarried people to live together I saw the police harass expat for coffee money. But now I do not even see that with the new law. Just do not live with the married ones and get caught. It is about a $300
fine and you can not get another visa or TRC.

Not all people have their water and electric included in rent..

Simple , talk with the property owner on their rules and requirements.
Also check with the local police to make sure you are in the requirement of the law. Which is changing all the time.
Now expats came now own land house in their name.

Can,  but don’t. We shall have to wait and see if they will ever put a house in a foreigners name.

Vagabondone :

Just do not live with the married ones and get caught. It is about a $300
fine and you can not get another visa or TRC.

Staying with someone else's spouse is probably a bad idea in any country.   :mad:   However in most places, I don't think it will result in a loss of visa status.

In VN it will if you get caught. It is a crime. If you have a criminal record in VN they will deny you a visa.

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