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Hi I just recently came to Malaysia on visit Visa and about to leave but I got a reference through my friend and got an offere from a company. Now what can be the procedure ? Company can sponsor work permit when I am staying in Malaysia ? I don't think I can convert visa to permit staying here.

Second scenario&
I accepted the offer but another company called which I applied online is offering good package and position. Now I am in dilemma.

Can anyone help with the procedure whether the visit to work? And can't I reject the offer as the first company is already processing for work permit? Or should I just stop thinking about second one and move on.

Is it really possible for a company to apply for permit when you are staying in visit status?

What happens if I can't join after going to India if there are some issues

Not possible ti convert visit to employment pass while in Malaysia. Must be outside while immigration approve or reject the application..

Need to reenter after approval on a VDR single entry visa with reference issued into passport by Malaysia consulate in home country

First company cant be processing application without showing an exit stamp so you can still decline offer

To be honest  think you will find yourself in big problems with the first company as they are running a job scam.

Ok thanks for information. Gravitas

If you don't have the VDR in your passport its not possible to get the work permit endorsed. So they make you overstay and then you are trapped in Malaysia and can only exit by being deported. They also pretend to pay tax by deducting from your salary but pay none to the tax office. You then become a tax fugitive as well (because a work permit is required to get a tax ref. number).  Not worth cutting corners. All the rules are quite clear.

If a person gets deported by overstaying its a 5 yr ban on entering Malaysia

Go with the second company and be legally in Malaysia.

Thanks Gravitas. Now clear. It's really helpful.

Hi Gravitas.

Just a quick query, I got offer letter and first company is telling that work permit stamping etc can be done as per the process. Like they are telling to get the stampings India embassy as per process. My concern the process is going and am not sure of joining first company who is processing. Will it be fine if I don't join after they apply work permit ? And try second one in one month ?

You could be blacklisted by immigration and not get another EP if you act that way. Immigration processing is an expensive and serious matter. The company could also quite easily block you by not cancelling their application in the online system.

Just to expand on this - there is a category called abandonment of position - which once reported has consequences. This is because basically the person is living in Malaysia illegally, on a work permit which becomes invalid if they dont turn up for work.

Decide and stop the application with employer in writing quickly

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