How long will my work pass (EP, S-Pass, WP) application take

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Did you ask same thing to your employer? If yes, then what did they advise? If not, then pls ask them. ( You have answered most of your queries by yourself, in addition you need to go though a formal medical checkup on your arrival (within first few days).

Secondly, IPA letter issued by MoM electronically. Why do you think employer has to sign on it? There is no need.

You may spend sometime to go through “visa” category, you can find all your queries are discussed in numerous occasions. Good luck


Request if anyone can advise on the statement found in 'NOTES #1'

Thank u!

beppi :

An SVP can be extended tup to 89 days if you have a good reason to stay that long. I think waiting for an EP is a good reason, but of course ICA has the final say on this.
Note: The SVP issued at the expiry of a work pass cannot be extended for any reason.

So there is a function to extend an STVP online - and having a pending work pass application is mentioned as valid reason to apply for extension. Great and thanks for pointing this out to us!

If the company cannot meet the requirements of the Fair Consideration Framework, your chances are Zero.
If they can, your EP may or m,ay not be approved based on many other factors which you should read about.

MoM evaluates each and every case on its own merit.
So what happened in others' cases might not have any implication for you!

Hi ,first time posted asking for answer here.(consided noobies)
Dear Beppi / Surya
   Please let me know when the MOM will update in the status check system?
My permit applied today.
Thanks for your time.

Shinejoe: Read related discussions before you post - this has been discussed numerous times!

Dear Beppi
   Noted with thanks..

My Spass was applied on 17 july. Now already one week and still pending. I can understand the feeling of waiting for the answer. That 'Pending' status is a huge mountain to pass.
Its more exciting than waiting an answer from your crush XD. Please Ministry of Manpower,  'Marry me!' 😂

Hi Beppi and Surya,

Just a quick question. Is the status in EPOnline is a real-time update? Or I have to wait for the next day to see the changes made e.g. today?




Finally my EP got approved last week. Around 2 months time it has taken.

Cheers :)

Supergirl: Not sure, probably next day (or whenever the officer gets around to enter the information).

thanks!  :)

It can update even at night time too. I know a person whose EP online got updated at middle of the night (11:35pm). But, you can check frequently like 2 to 3 times in a day. Good luck

Thank you! :top:


I am currently waiting for my SPass to be approved.
It was applied on 12th July '18, and now the status is "We need inputs from other agencies to process this application..."

I read some posts in this discussions and I just want to share too. Waiting is not the most pleasant experience but hopefully, I can update the result here soon.

Hi, what is your nationality? were you holding any pass prior to this current approval?

Hi, I’m Indonesian.

This is my first pass application in Singapore.


How do you check your application status? do you check online or check with your employer. I don't have my application number right now.

You can check the EPOnline system by logging in with your FIN or passport number (the latter seems to not work for some people).
If you cannot log in, you can only ask your employer.

Use this link …

I check it myself, just fill in your passport number and then your full name. Then on the next page you can put your passport number again in the related column.

Hi guys,  I have read for days regarding the work pass application thread. 
I recently relocate to Singapore. My employer applied for Ep for me on 23/7/2018 and was rejected last week. According to my employer,  the rejection probably due to lack of degree cert(I am fresh grad in June,  will only receive my cert during convocation which is in december) and low salary ($2500).
I provided my full transcript, letter of completion and an official letter stated I had graduated but degree cert will be awarded later. The employer then proceed to appeal.
However when I went thru the SAT, results show that I am only eligible for sp. My results is 3.62 graduate from chemical engineering. Previously I worked in Singapore with work permit (that was five year back)
And now, I have another job offer in Sg too. Can I ask the first employer to withdraw my EP appeal before I accept the new offer frm new employer? Any cost imposed or any action will be taken on me? I'm worried

You can check with the first employer and request them to withdraw and for that provide a valid reason which should be genuine in terms of employment point of view, such as for time being you want to try in your home country or you have decided pursue your career in some other country due to stringent work pass rules in Singapore. I believe they will convenience to withdraw, once they confirm of withdrawn, ask your second employer to apply work pass for you. There shouldn’t be any penalty or fees imposed on you. Good luck

Thank you very much Surya. Have a good day 😊😊

Update! My S-pass is approved! I don't know when it was approved, I just checked today and it's approved. It took exactly 4 weeks.


How long for your application until shown on online? Mine still says error not found.

I'm not sure about that. Because at first I didn't know if I can check it online, so by the time I checked it, it was already around 3 weeks after the date of application.

Are you sure that they already submitted the application?

I have two questions.
1. My application was on 23th July and it was being rejected on 3rd August. My employer said they will proceed with appeal and the appeal will take at least 3 weeks. I understand the procedure however, will be status after appeal change to "pending" or will remain "rejected"?
2. My friends who are currently working in Singapore are holding EP. According few of them, the first EP takes up more time. However once it is being approved, then your new EP (if u decided to change new employer) will approve in few days.
Is this true or make sense?

Thank you for all your reply.

Siewling935 :

I have two questions.
1. My application was on 23th July and it was being rejected on 3rd August. My employer said they will proceed with appeal and the appeal will take at least 3 weeks. I understand the procedure however, will be status after appeal change to "pending" or will remain "rejected"?
2. My friends who are currently working in Singapore are holding EP. According few of them, the first EP takes up more time. However once it is being approved, then your new EP (if u decided to change new employer) will approve in few days.
Is this true or make sense?

Thank you for all your reply.

If you would have spend little more time to read through our previous comments on different threads, then you would have got the answers.

We have told many times on these questions that:

The application status will only change if the appeal will be successful or else it will remain as rejected. It can’t change to pending because the result is not pending rather it’s rejected. It will remain same if appeal is not successful.

For second part of your question, yes it will be faster as verification of your certificates and experiences were done earlier as vetting agency is not required to verify your documents unless you have submitted additional documents (new).

Please before you ask any questions further, kindly spend some time to read our earlier threads as we have covered all most all the questions. Good luck

Hi guys, I just check my application online on …, However, I noticed that the Pass Type is Employment Pass, Does it mean that my employer applied E-pass for me instead of S-pass? Because I am sure that I am not qualified for E-pass due to the salary are not higher than $3,600. Or all application will be shown as Employment Pass on the Pass Type.

It will still shown as Employment pass, mine too. But after it's approved it changed to S Pass.

Noted with Thanks Vivalien !

Dear All,

First of all thanks for all the informations shared here!
let me share with you mine :
I had an offer in Singapore after looking to move there in my field,
The company assigned the EP process to another specialized company, the did perform the application on the 2nd of august and here is the flow :

- 2nd August :  Application done
- 3th August : Pending
- 6th August : We need inputs from other agencies to process this application.etc..
- 16th August : Rejected

The reason for the rejection is :The salary range in your job advertisement was too wide. Please post another Jobs Bank advertisement with a smaller salary range for at
least 14 days. Then, if you still wish to employ this candidate after you have considered all applicants fairly, you can appeal with the new job posting ID.

Now we are going for an appeal, is anyone of you had this similar situation? Could it be explained? and what can i expect for the next steps please according to your experiences?

I already quit my job in France for this position in Singapore, was dreaming about it, i hope it will work!

Thank you so much and have all a nice day

It’s a norm at MoM where it asks employer to provide following validation with rationale:

1. Should post the job in job bank where locals can apply first. An employer can skip this process if it’s a small firm with less than 25 staffs.

2. Before employer hiring a foreigner, they should try locally and provide evidence that they didn’t find suitable candidate for the job.

3. Employer will have to show all the above evidences and share profile of foreign employee’s skills as proof that locally they couldn’t find a similar profile.

4. Salary of a position should be within market standard, can’t be off track (both higher as well lower range).

So, appeal with above evidence and rationale could make the application successful. Good luck

Appealing is a waste of time in your case, as there is no chance you will be approved without following MoM’s request.
The company should ASSP post the job again on the jobs bank, with more suitable salary data. If they do not find a candidate within two weeks, they can apply for your EP again, including proof of the unsuccessful search for a local alternative.
Good luck!


Thank you Beppi and Surya2k for yours valuable answers.

I don't get it, it means that the appeal is not a good idea and new request have to be done? The agency in charge of my EP said that they will obtain required informations from Jobs bank and proceed to the appeal.


If you read my message, I have mentioned clearly that your employer should provide rationale against each question raised by MoM.

Of course employer can appeal but without doing homework correct, result won’t be in your favour. Good luck

Thank you Surya2k ! i hope they'll do. They already posted in jobsbank i think but the salary range was too wide, i checked on MoMs website and here is the workflow: … .pdf?la=en
according to this the maximum salary shouldn't be more than 1.5 to 2 times the minimum stated, i hope a right reposting should work, i'll keep u posted. Indeed, except of this all the 4 points you stated were respected

good evening everyone after two years being silent reader in this forum i think is time for me to share some of my experiences hope i can contribute to this forum.

So last year i got offered job in one of the big 3 telco in Singapore the salary is 6000SGD and i have almost 10 years of experience in the same field, my employer apply for epass for me and after 10 days i got my result and it says rejected, i ask with my employer why my epass is rejected they say that MOM did not say any thing about the rejected reason so they decided to make an appeal. It is very long wait for the appeal almost 3 months i wait for the result and the result show rejected and when i ask the employer the reason for rejection is " please look for other candidat" i'm really depressed since i really want this job badly.

And after another years stay and working in my country i decided to try again this time with another company but with less salary 5200 SGD, my epass is submit Yesterday on 23 August 2018 hopefully the result is different this time.

Based on reading  this forum I have a feeling that last year attempt applying workpass  is rejected because my salary is to low i have 10 years experience in the same position and have bachelor degree, but let see for the 2nd attempt my offered salary is even lower than last year application.

If my pass is approve or rejected i will share the result in this forum, i really hope that the result is different.

Thank you again for all who is sharing their experience here and good luck for your workpass, special thanks to beppi and surya2k who always replying and give us clear answer to all of our question.

Good to hear Adit_a. We hope that your pass gets approved. This year our forum has seen highest number of pass approval. Try to obtain additional certificate relevant to your job and experiences which always have a positive value to your application.

Looking at last year’s MoM response, I have seen applicants from Indonesia are receiving such response from MoM. In your case chances are 50:50. Fingers crossed, good luck.

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