i am british born pakistani looking to move to pakistan ideally in or near rawalpindi. Looking to share some already expats in the areas. Thanks

Hello Traveler,

It all depends what your skill set is, whether you are seeking a job in a multi national company, teaching or setting up your own business.

Most of UK Pakistanis I know who have done well in Rawalpindi - Kashmir area are the ones who have invested in real estate business.

If you can elaborate more on your plans, I am sure  there are many around who could point you in the right direction. :)

Assalam o Alaikum Riaz
Thanks for your reply are you an expat? Well i am not looking for a job as sick of job’s life to be honest and i wudnt invest in anything for atleast a year as dont want to be tied up incase i have to move back again which i hope doesnt happen as i cant keep moving with family as kids will loose out on regular education. Firstly my plans are to build a house not too big and not in the city may be 10 kms away. Then i will see whats next but just needed to hookup with some expets and get some experiences as no offence but you wont get honest opinion from locals as they have different agenda and i am talking from experience. I have lived in 3 continents and now want to just settle down somewhere nice.

And workwise my best bit be to bring vehicles from europe to pakistan and sell them or rent them.


Rule number one is to listen and take advise from others but make an independent decision and specially not go with advise where some one else has a vested interest.

Rule two not to invest money until you are absolutely sure and you have complete control of your business.

Running a transport business is most tricky and difficult in Pakistan due to high crime rate, road safety conditions and lack of driving techniques.

Importing used RHD vehicles is a good and safe business, you could import Mercs , BMWs and Audis from UK and Japanese cars ( called JDM Japanese Domestic models) but you need to do a lot of research prior to importing a vehicle since custom's duty and sales taxes calculation is complicated and very few makes and modes sell like hot cakes.

When you are in Islamabad next time let me know, I could give you contacts of some of my old mates who live in Dewsbury West Yorkshire and run businesses in Islamabad.

No. I am not an expat any more, I am back to Karachi and I am running an Architecture / construction business, I also teach as a visiting faculty member at an engineering university.

Hello Traveler, somehow I disagree with Riaz about high crime rates. That could be the case in Karachi but I believe its also safe now. Crime rate in Rawalpindi / Islamabad is way low since long since I live in Rawalpindi. (Traveler, if you need any help for finding out best place, I would help you since I helped a lot of people in buying land as well just to guide, rest ofcourse you should take decision on your own)
I would agree with Traveler that most of the people first think about their own benefit, then they will give you an advice. But it doesn't mean that whole Pakistanis think in that way. I myself living at Saudi Arabia, but am doing business in Pakistan as well.. and I found so many people who give right advice and shows right ways. I firmly believe that if you do wrong with someone, it will definitely come back to you. If you didn't , how much it would.
The most easiest way for earning money in business is in Pakistan :) Good luck

Thanks mubashirse and riaz for your input i am looking for a piece of land near new airport or in any decent housing society as there are too many on olx n net to confuse anyone lol and i am sure you both are right in ur opinions about how life is in pakistan as i understand each part or country has different figures about crime and all that. So if any EXPATS here have any experience regarding which housing society is best in terms of safety and facilities please do share. Thanks

Hi Traveller,

    Since you might know that airport is moving far away from city which will be operational in this month. However, there are societies building up near new airport which but still not fully developed nor people are living there. It would take some time.
If you are looking for calm location, Bahria phase 1,2,3,4,5 , Bahria Enclave, DHA is great place to live. If you really want to be near the airport. Then you can choose Islamabad Sector G-11, G-13, G-15, G-16, F-17. which are near to airport comparatively. I know each and everything about living places at Rawalpindi/Islamabad. But all it depends upon the budget you have.

Please let me know incase any other info is required. I would be happy to help and provide info :)

Thanks mubashire i will contact you for anymore info ideally i want to speak to EXPAT in rawalpindi so i can also share their experience too.

Lots of British Pakistani are from the areas near Rawalpindi like Gujar Khan, Mirpur Azad Kashmir. Their families are living in these areas. you can easily find lots of expats or the people of dual nationality in the surrounding.

Than you Gurmani

Expat opinion here.
If you want to settle near Rawalpindi, your best options regarding housing are Bahria Town Islamabad (meaning phases 1-6), Bahria Town Rawalpindi (meaning Phase 7, 8), DHA and Naval Anchorage. I strongly recommend visiting the places before making any decision, especially with regards to buying.
There are several hospitals/clinics nearby. Finding a good doctor is a bit tricky though, best is to go by recommendations.
If you want to import cars, you need to do a lot of research about taxes and import duty. For your own use, as overseas Pakistani you could import a car under certain conditions taxfree if not older than 3 years, however this has been under review and might have been changed. The major freight handlers/shipping companies in the UK have usually up to date info.
Prices are high in Pakistan, so I'd recommend bringing your household items/furniture with you if you plan to settle down in Pakistan.
With regards to business set up, I would follow the advice of the previous members. HTH

Hello Zaras,

Welcome to Pakistan.

i do not know of any government scheme where by a non Pakistani could import a duty free ( or reduced duty for that sake) vehicles with out paying taxes.

There is a facility which is offered to diplomats and high commissions.

kindly share  the source of this information. :)

If want to live outside the city then read about Emaar Canyon Views Islamabad where I myself living now. I myself settled here with my family so understanding what it takes.

Also, don't get into importing cars right away. Better to purchase what is locally available including imported used cars. This used car import is full of gray areas and shitty importers so my suggestion is to best avoid it rather see what are the options available locally. I guarantee that you would find something you like.

Slaam travler did you move to Pakistan as am seriously thinking of making the move.

Yes, I moved here almost three yeas ago.

So do you recommend moving back to Pakistan.

My recommendation has nothing to do with your plan. If you have decided to make the move then it must be based on your own reasons. Hundreds come back every year, hundreds also leave every year.

Ok mate I think asking you a nothing of question has offended you.i was only asking as you have been living in Pakistan for some time.

No, it didn't offended me :)

Let me reword it, think I didn't say it correctly. There are pros and cons of every decision. You need to note down all of them on a paper in two columns. Where you see the weight - go for it.

Consider worst case scenarios and how you'd cope. Ask specific questions on such forums not generic to have clear vision. DO NOT DECIDE based on feedback from this forum and any other. Your decision should be based on your homework and on the pros and cons exercise as highlighted above.


Any successful british pakistani moved woth family. How have your children adjusted, any advice welcome ?

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