British born Pakistani looking to move to pakistan

Salaam u alaikum everyone well as the title reads im a 22 years old was born here in England and have always visited Pakistan many times and I've really wanted to move their for a few years now i just want to leave depressing  England lol and move back i feel at home in Pakistan i just need some help from others what work is available their? Hete i my work is buying and selling cars i know about the pakistan car market alot my dad has taken expensive cars from gere to pakistan before aswell we have houses their and cars i was thinking about importing cars from here to their a job as u have trustworth famy here anyone else left britian and moved to pakistan any help?

If your parents are Pakistani nationals you should explore the idea of taking citizenship. The UK will accept dual but I'm unsure about Pakistan.
If they will, that'll save you a lot of messing around in the long run.

I moved to Pakistan Mirpur Azad Kashmir with my 3 young children in 2010 and lived there for 3 years. What can be more daunting than the thought of ruining your children's lives! But....
We all loved it there n trust me life is way better there as long as you have a consistent source of income coming in and also trustworthy n reliable family support is also very important.
There brilliant education there as many schools and institutes work alongside western schools.
Getting a job can be abit tricky but not impossible, as you need a degree for even the simplest jobs like working in a well known supermarket!!!! Haha!
So in that regards job opportunities here in UK are a blessing which we shouldn't take for granted.
If you're thinking of setting up your own business thsts great and as far as I know car business is great there as what u get for 4/5 grand here sells for 10 grand there!!
Hope that helps.

dear you can do cars business here in Pakistan wish you best of luck

Slaam ahki Ali did you move to Pakistan I am going to move in next couple of months fedup with 9 to 5.

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