5 good reasons for living in Pakistan


if someone asks you the best reasons for making the choice to live and stay in Pakistan, what would be your top 5?

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friendly people, history, weather, food, nature, cheap.  sorry, i got 6.

BTW, there is only one reason enough to live in Pakistan that Pakistan is not America (I meant American Government & Policies not nation [Nation is nice though])

Generally Accomodating/Friendly nature of Pakistanis, 4 seasons, Respect for Female, Lots for Touring, My Sweet Islamabad

There are so many reasons...But depend wot u prefer....If u realy looking to visit Pakistan then dnt follow news channels even Pakistani news channels...Bcz u will find only propaganda over thr..Pakistani ppl r peaceful and respectfull...They know how to treat guests. We have a rich history...U will find cultural heritage thr...U will njoy all kinda weathers and if u r a food person then Pakistan food is as good as heaven food...:)
Good luck to u whr evr u r :)


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you can go pakistan than you know how friendly peoples are living in pakistan!

Most hospitable people
open minded
moderate religion
wonderful site seeing
and and and...

i do

The people are very nice
The culture is very rich and hospitable
Guests and foreigners, elders are given a lot of care and respect.
Everything is cheaper so u can live like a king in a decent amount of money.
Its a beautiful, resoirceful country.

Its very sad that it gets so much bad publicity from the media. Kts nothing like how its portrayed. Yes we do ahve our share of corrupt politicians and religious fanatics but unfortunately the bad part is all that foreigners get to see. We are a religious nation but the best part is you find all types of people ranging in their extremity. But we are a loyal nation in general, to our culture, our religion, our friends.  But dont get on our bad side. We are very hot blooded too.

Will someone enlighten  me about  how it is to setle  down there in Pakistan  .  How is the life there  compared to  DENMARK fx  .Is it hard to find  houseing there  and job  .

You would be comparing apples to pears. Denmark is a fully developed country with well set rules and reulations. Pakistan unfortunately has some way to go before its firm in its laws.

You will have to tell us more about your quzlifications before job oppertunities can be assessed. Its not easy to get a job in denmark or so I have heard.the biggest positive or negative point for a foreigner would be knowldge of the language.

Let us know more about your nationalit and skills.


Pakistan is a beautiful and worth seeing place because of its lovely culture, beautiful landscapes, mountains, rives, canals and ever green hilly areas.

5 good reasons to live in Pakistan:

1. A beautiful country with friendly people.
2. Housing/Acomodation (properties) are very cheap to buy.
3. Commodities are very cheap and affordable.
4. Transportation and food is very cheap.
5. Being a muslim country, average crime rate is very low.


I am a Pakistani.
I think there are many reasons to live in Pakistan.
The cost of living in Pakistan is still lower than KSA.
The Pakistani Food.
The four weathers.
All types of Lands.
And many more

Pakistan is one of the few countries in the world that have so diverse environment and resources. From plains to mountain tops, deserts and a huge sea shore, Pakistan has it all.

Pakistan is the best place to live if you can bear with security and power (electricity / gas) issues. If you are earning in foreign currencies then you can live a princely life in Pakistan, on fraction of a cost compared to else where.

You are right in saying that if you are earning in foreign currencies, but people still love to live in Pakistan who earn in pakistani currency.

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there is many reasons like
weather (u can enjoy every kind of weather in Pakistan)
mangoes (worlds number one mangoes found in Pakistan)
God has gifted Pakistan full rang of mountains, , rivers, sea, deserts,open areas, diamond gold salt coal miens water falls forest hot water
nuts fruits


5 good reasons to live in Pakistan:

1. Beautiful nature .
2. Cheap food and accomodation .
3. Friendly people.
4. Rich culture.
5. helpful people in trouble and coperative.

weather, culture, clothing, food, mangoes,nuts, very beautiful places etc

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because it is beautiful, calm, quiet, interesting and fun.

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