Intro and an Inquiry About Starting a Small Food Stall Business

Hello there everyone.  Been living in the Philippines maybe a total of 2 years but have only acquired a residence visa last year.  Married to my Filipino wife for 3 years but have known each other too damn long LOL.  I found your site searching for blogs and threads on foreigners setting up small business.  A small stall selling Italian street food in a food park in the city.  Will be partnering with an Italian person but he has yet to acquire his work permit.  So we were wondering if anyone on this forum has gone through a similar process.  Any input on this would be greatly appreciated

Hi we had Idea two years ago to start Food shop, we build a shop with stockroom, shop area was 120 m2, stockroom at 200 m2, well as you go along you learn that all is not what it seems to be, lots of money in the trash for us anyway, we seen some small ones making just for them to pay bills, and bigger ones not even making any profits as well, so I have stopped putting any more money to it, was it good idea or not I am not sure but for one thing I am sure we can not lose more, thay work from 7am till 8pm 24/7 no break or maybe one day off a month, I see this as no life and that scares me a lot.

samangelevski     In hindsight, what were the most glaring errors in your business.   Poor sales, missing inventory, gross margins, or other reasons...   ?

We actually have that worry right now - starting too big and not getting enough return of investment and the money running out eventually forcing the business to fold up even before it gets off the ground.  That's why we are making sure we are going to start small.  When I say small I mean 10x10 feet small.  And keeping the menu and work crew small and manageable as well.  But yeah, we are worried we will end up losing money instead of making it.  Thank you for sharing your experience.  Will definitely keep it in mind.

Hi bob, the only error I made is building the shop with stock room, only problem was I did not do the research, I did lessen to others telling me to open a shop and it is best thing I could do, but yes for them maybe for locals maybe, but all in past now, I have a shop it is there and  it can be opened, but as I said it is not a good investment, I can not think like Filipino, I like to think in a way if not profits then not good for me, here people do not care of they make profits or not as long as they are doing some thing even if it is little, so rds maybe your idea is good one, start small keep it small and see what happens, if you make cheap food for sure you will sale it well..

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