Working remotely as a spouse on a student visa

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There is a lot of conflicting information out there about my situation, including information from the Spanish Consulate. My husband has been accepted to a Masters program in Valencia. The representative from the consulate, knowing that I want to work for a US based company, told me that I should be a spouse on my husband's student visa. However, on other websites I've seen that a spouse may not work, and then on others, it says that work restrictions only apply to spouses working for Spanish companies. I haven't been able to find anything applicable on the official sites.

My employer is understandably concerned about getting this right and so I have also been looking at PEOs. Any experience with PEOs or working remotely as a spouse?

I appreciate that you situation is slightly different.  I do think that some information can be found here. … 82#4091887
you would have to maybe apply for your own visa, if that possible

Thanks for your reply! I am confused because the representative from the consulate said income does not count as Spanish income so it is unrestricted. I am skeptical though, since there is contradictory advice on unofficial blogs. I am hoping to find something official about being a spouse on a student visa and working remotely.

Edited: I did read through the other post, but it doesn't seem like it fits since I am not applying for a NL visa. As a matter of fact I can't tell which visa would apply to someone working remotely, since the work visas are about working for Spanish companies.

IANAL (I am not a lawyer). But for me when the documentation states "spouse may not work" it would mean just that.
When you move to Spain you are obliged to declare your world wide income on your tax returns.

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