Confirmed issues with OVERSTAY OF TOURISM VISA

I called the DR embassy in Canada and the guy with whom I spoke was unaware of overstaying a tourist visa of 30 days and recommended to pay an additional tourist visa, at the airport while exiting the country.  In fact the reason I was calling was to get an extending tourist visa (6-7 weeks) in hand before arriving.  It make me wonder, who or what is behind these "random" refusals of entry.  And thanks so much for reposting.

So first of all this guy gave you BAD info. You can only extend a tourist card for 30 days while here and before it expires

A tourist VISA is a different animal and is issued for 60 days at this time and requires you to jump through a bunch of hoops.

These "random" refusals are usually for a flagged file - meaning a flagged passport.  We don't usually get to know why but the reasons include:  people wanted in their own countries,  people who have previously overstayed and those with legal issues here.

Add to that comment that the various outposts (Embassies) rarely have current information or information of any reliability.

You can easily be led astray .....

Having dealt with the Embassy in Toronto, they are frequently mis-informed are are rarely correct.  Getting what you want or need from them is done with experience, research and then give them everything they are asking for and about 10 times more.  Seems to work fine then.

I have previously overstayed our total stay being about 80 days.  Over the past 5 years we've never encountered a problem we'eve paid our fine.  We have never been informed by passport control on departure there could be a problem next time, we've never been asked for our return ticket.

So when you say it could affect overstays this concerns me as I was hoping to come back next year.


As for the airline tix - it's the airlines' responsibility to police that

We have heard & posted earlier that Euros and NoAmericans are not being scrutinized.
So & Central Americans seem to be the targets....
they might be considered 'fleeing' their countries...I suppose

In all, I wouldn't say you have worries at this point.

Hopefully, someday - we'll see 90 and 120 day permits
Makes to sense to sell in multiples of 30 days  - IMO

I just came back from vacations in Perú, 8 days, as Im Dominican no visa needed to visit there, but the inmigration officer asked me if I went to pre check process because im Dominican, I said no I didnt know, so she took me to an office, where 2 officials took me front pictures, and left and right side pictures, Iris picture, took 10 finger prints scan, wrote all my personal information, asked Why i didnt have exit stamp from DR, said because I use autogate and no need stamp, what I was going to to do there, I gave them all the reservations hotels, train tickets, Machupichu tickets, airline ticketws, health insurance,  asked where I work, wage in dollars, address, my phone number and email, after that the other ofical came and told he has everything paid, and welcome to Peru, then she took me again to the inmigration officer and told me you are the next in line,  I asked if I come back again I must go again there? she told me no because now you are already registred.   When my turn came, they took me again 10 pinger prints scanned, and another picture, stamped my passport and wrote 30.

As you can see dont feel bad because we are trying to control the overstayers, after all you are very lucky that can travel a lot countries only with your passports and here just stamp and says welcome to all of you, but you have to keep in mind that travel as a tourist is not same  as move to another country to live and pretend to be a tourist at the same time.

Excellent information, thank you!

I'm not sure I understood all of that.  As a tourist I was given this by passport control:

DIRECCIÓN GENERAL DE MIGRACIÓN “Año del Fomento de la Vivienda”
A partir de la fecha, todos los casos de usuarios extranjeros que, habiendo violado el plazo de treinta (30) días prescrito en el PARRAFO y del artículo 45 y del artículo 71 de la Ley General de Migración No. 285-04, del 15 de agosto del 2004, dentro del cual debieron realizar el depósito de sus aplicaciones y que solicitaren PRÓRROGA PARA SOLICITUD DE DEPÓSITOS DE EXPEDIENTES CON FINES DE RESIDENCIA Y/O CUALQUIER OTRO ESTATUS MIGRATORIO que sea de lugar conforme a la ley, se les cobren los siguientes importes, según el caso:
De 1 a 4 meses
RD$5,000.00 Pesos
De 4 a 5 meses
RD$6,000.00 Pesos
De 5 a 6 meses
RD$7,000.00 Pesos
De 6 a 7 meses
RD$8,000.00 Pesos
De 7 a 8 meses
RD$9,000.00 Pesos
De 8 a 9 meses
RD$10,000.00 Pesos
De 9 a 10 meses
RD$11,000.00 Pesos
De 10 a 11 meses
RD$12,000.00 Pesos
De 11 a 12 meses
RD$13,000.00 Pesos
A partir de un (1) año de haber ingresado al país se cobrará cinco mil pesos con 00/100 (RD$5,000.00), por cada año o fracción. Para los fines pertinentes, el plazo se computara a partir de la fecha al país no del período establecido en la visa de residencia.

RIVA was referring to going to another country and entering as a tourist. There is no overstay option in most places. 

Here this is CLEARLY an administrative work around. This is not saying you are legally allowed to overstay. That being said, they are also NOT ENFORCING this currently. Will this change?  NO ONE actually knows. But it is likely you will see more and more selective enforcement.

I was in the main Migracion office in Santo Domingo yesterday.  I spoke to a woman from the US who came is in the DR with her husband . They are both from the Mid West of the US. He got a job as a golf pro in Casa de Campo. She was applying for residency for both of them. She told me two people who live in Casa de Campo were denied re-entry to the DR and management encouraged this woman and her husband to get residency as soon as possible  to avoid problems if they do any travel.

The presumption of why the two different people who lived in Casa de Campo  were denied re-entry was because of previous overstays, but of course that is possibly not the only reason.

Interesting update.  Thanks. More evidence that it is starting to happen.

Also begs the question why Casa de Campo thinks they can have illegal employees! Clearly a golf pro would qualify for a work visa!

I've got the info on how to apply on line for an extension to the Tourist  30 day stay.  However the DGM site is not very clear  As I see it you can apply during your 30 days but not before arriving in DR  Can someone tell me if this is correct.  Reading all these recent posts I'm getting very concerned.  As a British pass holder I am only allowed 30 days albeit I have over the last 5 years overstayed by about 45 days.  On the other hand my wife is Russian and under an agreement with the 2 countries she can stay automatically for up to 60 days so she would have overstayed 15 days  In all cases we paid our fine but at no time have we been advised on departure of any warning about returning or being denied entry
Am I being too simplistic in thinking this the least they would do-a written warning.


There won't be written or verbal warnings, don't expect that!

I don't usually post other people's experiences, but this was first-hand, involved a lawyer, and is well written.  Seems the Tourist Visa Extension doesn't actually exist in the real world.  Or that particular day, the government decided they weren't cooperating.  Interesting read though.


So, I posted the other week about a 2nd person reporting that they had an issue entering the country. I was simply sharing what others have reported (more than one person) and found it relevant because of a lot of the recent changes/evolution in migracions process (new biometrics, writing your exit date in the PP, asking you to show proof of your return flight when entering etc...). I shared what was reported along with a link to the posted legal process on the migracion website that should be followed if you want to extend your tourist card beyond the 30 days.

Many people messaged me already wanting information on extending (I am in this bucket because my plan was to extend) and others decided to call me out as a fear monger. I am a person who respects rules and have no appetite for risk or inconvenience. I don’t jump to conclusions and like to know the FACTS. If there is a process, I prefer to follow it.

You may think you know where this going – but you may actually be surprised by what I am about to report – or not.

Last week I tried calling the immigration office myself – and they don’t answer the phone. I called repeatedly.
• Knowing that I will  be going there and wanting to be prepared I engaged my lawyer to go to the office to 1) to confirm the specific process as it is posted on the website and that it is as posted 2) to ask the longest amount of time I can extend 3) If I can get the medical performed at any medical facility 3) to confirm if I could have the medical anywhere.

Today he attended the office posted on the Migracion website specifically for people wishing to extend their tourist card / time in the country (the address and posted process is on this link)

He was told there is NO WAY to extend your tourist card!!!! That if you overstay to pay the penalty when leaving the airport!!! Despite a posted process. So, he WhatsApp’d video called me from the office to show me he was there and to tell me what they said. To me that is still not good enough because migracion has a posted process – I asked him to go back in and obtain something saying that I would not be illegal or subject to a future issue as long as I pay the overstay fee.

I shared with him the reports people have made on social media and also that I didn’t want a future issue by having Salida dates in my PP beyond what was written in there as the permitted time.

He went back to the counter and when asking for the above they then advised him that:
Beyond the 30 days you are illegal and you could have a problem – but not because of re-entry, in the event you find yourself with an issue with the police.
Further she acknowledged there is a process to extend but wasn’t sure what it was and said that it is not a visa or any formal entry in your passport – its a prepayment of the fine.

My lawyer and I discussed this at length and he too thought it was very strange (beyond the normal strange things that happen in DR lol) that the Migracion website has a process posted that you cant even apply under if you wanted to?

While my lawyer is encouraging me not to worry, stay as long as I want and just pay the overstay penalty based on verbal information we received at the office - he is also wondering WTF especially considering:
1) They seemed to imply that the only option to stay beyond 30 days is to apply to live under one of their residency programs – at the very least the staff just didn’t seem to know what to do at all with their own posted policy
2) What they tell you completely contradicts their posted policy.

While he doesn't think I should worry he agrees we need to look into it, get to the bottom line so that I can have comfort re: the things I want to do in DR.
I have further engaged my lawyer to request and attend a meeting with the legal department or upper management at that specific migracion office for a definitive answer / clarity concerning my questions about both the process and contradictions and I am documenting the entire process.

My question to the group is – has anyone in this group ACTUALLY extended their tourist card beyond the 30 days – like went to migracion and actually completed the process:
Which office did you go to?
What documentation did they provide you at the end? Meaning was something placed into the passport or just a receipt for paying the overstay fee.

To the frequent overstayers who don’t care – please do me a favor…. Do not start calling implying I am crazy, ill intentioned, a fear monger and a host of other names for discussing this. The last time I posted about this some people came at me in a really patronizing and offensive way. Your thoughts are understood. This topic is valid and on the minds of me and many others – just because you don’t care doesn’t mean others don’t! 

I am also posting this because I am concerned that if you are planning to go to the capital as a result of what is posted on the migracion website you could have the same experience my lawyer did today which would end up being extremely frustrating. I will keep you in the loop as to what comes out of my journey 😊"

The author is Courtney Jewell, FYI.

Seems strange as most countries do provide verbal or written warnings

The British Gov website actually does say that if overstay pay the fine.

Would you know planner about whether you can apply online before entering the country for extension of stay.  I can't see it anywhere on the DGM website

Lastly all of this makes me very worried whether to come next year or not



Up to 60 days is not confusing. It says so quite clearly on the UK Foreign Office Travel Advice and in correspondence by the DGM themselves. You pay the tariff for the maximum legally accepted 60 day stay on exit and are perfectly in the clear with no record.

The confusion arrives after 60 days. DGM says that if you do stay longer than 60 days you are at risk of denied entry at a later date. But they are not apparently applying this to western countries except in rare cases it appears. Your wife is Russian and does not hold a UK passport so she may assessed differently but lets hope not since increasing numbers of Russians are vacationing here.

The DGM advice is that if you want to apply for an extended stay you must apply in writing yourself to them at Santo Domingo stating your reason for wanting an extended stay. It would appear you apply during the first 30 days. To reiterate they state they want a personal written application. DGM Santo Domingo will be the ones deciding.

The only incidence that I have read on social media of someone doing this and being accepted did not involve a medical nor proof of means of economic support. He didn't include that with his letter. I don't think you are the target for such provisions which have been written in the law.

So there lies your dilemma along with others who want to do things right and get confusing signals.

You have indicated this may be one of your last visits to DR because of your age, and because your overstay visits have been short and once a year the odds are totally with you to be welcomed, so come and enjoy with proof you are a prepared visitor with return ticket, medical insurance and accommodation booked and bring that marriage certificate too.

If you still want to cover all bases ask clear questions on the DGM forum.

Many thanks again

Again, most of the embassies, most govt employees and many many lawyers do not actually know the right answers.  They confuse the crap out of everything and then they do a disservice by posting about it. 

The process has been posted!  It's been verified.

Sadly ( not meaning you Uncle buck)  some are posting on FB groups looking for attention and for whatever reason wanting to stir things up! 

I wish they would just stop it.

The above highlights the problem.

It is an application in writing by the person(s) involved with stated reasons. The person that will approve any extended stay is not the DGM official at any window nor any official at regional offices or airports. It goes to senior officials to decide and they have made it quite clear it is by letter and not online nor by personal application nor lawyer at their offices.

Come on who decides if you get your foreign visa or extension in the USA etc.? Not the person who interviews you; it goes up the chain. And they like to hear from the applicant directly.

The UK travel advice is:

On arrival you will normally be granted a 30-day stay. This can be extended to 60 days by paying for an extension when you leave the country. If you’re planning to stay for longer, seek advice from a local lawyer or contact the local Immigration authorities.

Your wife is Russian and does not hold a UK passport so she may assessed differently but lets hope not since increasing numbers of Russians are vacationing here.

lennoxnev, Russia and Ukraine are on the same list of 146 countries whose nationals are entitled to Tourist Card ... we could assume there is no special problem with them.

i just checked the DGM website and Russia is one of the 25 countries not requiring a visa or tourist card which is less than ducketts needs as UK citizen. So forget that comment!: … ner_01.pdf

lennoxnev :

i just checked the DGM website and Russia is one of the 25 countries not requiring a visa or tourist card which is less than ducketts needs as UK citizen. So forget that comment!: … ner_01.pdf

Uuuups ...

That's the list of countries concerning those who have a Diplomatic Passport, an Official Passport or 'Service' Passport . They enter DR without Tourist Card or Visa.

Anyway, Russia is on the same list as us. No Worry about that.

Thanks  Albeit she holds a Russian passport she does have a Permanent Residence Card issued by the UK Gov



Winter 2019 
I think their systems are getting up dated.  lol  we went to haiti for 2 weeks in the middle of our vacation,  unfortunately we didn't calculate the days and were just over the 30 days in DR so had to pay overstay at haiti border then to top it off we went back to DR and ended up 31 days till we headed back to Canada and they nailed us again with overstay fees for just being over 1 day.  grrrrr          we are smarter now      this link will give your the government rates.
Cut the confusion for me

The systems most certainly are updated

Yes they are and will continue to be upgraded!

So can we then, buy an additonal 30 day tourist visa, while we are in the DR.  Maybe at the airport on arrival?

The addition of 30 days to your tourist card is not done at the airport.  I know it can be done here in Santo Domingo and not sure where else. Others may know.

kittenjuggler :

I called the DR embassy in Canada and the guy with whom I spoke was unaware of overstaying a tourist visa of 30 days and recommended to pay an additional tourist visa, at the airport while exiting the country.  In fact the reason I was calling was to get an extending tourist visa (6-7 weeks) in hand before arriving.  It make me wonder, who or what is behind these "random" refusals of entry.  And thanks so much for reposting.

Then you should apply for a VISA,  will let you stay up to 60 days arrive with stamped visa, not a Tourist Card that is charged in you ticket and let you stay for 30 days.

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