Using skype for work in cambodia

Hi there,

I am planning on moving to Cambodia and my job requires i spend a lot of time on skype.

My question is, is it feasible to use skype reliably in Siem Reap? is the internet strong enough for international calls using the VOIP service?

Are there unlimited Data bundles with laptop dongle available?

any other input would be most appreciated.

Many thanks

Skype worked fine from my apartments in Siem Reap.

Thats great to hear, what kind of connection did you use?

Wireless on the connection provided by the apartment owner.

During the past three months I would Skype for two hours at a time.

Did you ever find delay an issue?

Are you asking if, over a period of three months this last winter and four months the winter before, my connection was always perfect?  I doubt it, but I don't have specific memories of having trouble.  I expect it would depend on the network setup at any unique location.

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