Driving Test in China

Got my Chinese drivers license last summer in Zhongshan.   After 3-week ordeal of paper works, I was notified on a Thursday that my computer test would be on the next day.(The test is held on every Friday only.)  Road test were gracefully waived for I have a valid US drivers license.   The test is of 100 questions in words and graphics.  You need to score 90%+ to pass.  As a foreigner you get to choose your language. 
There was a camera at each test cube, you need to check and see your lovely face every once while. If your image is not there, your whole test could be a void.
The test was hard, there are more rules here.  Besides knowing how to drive, you also need to know the fines and points for each and every little violation.  Why. After all it is not a test for traffic police. 
At the test site there were around 400 applicants.  80% were traffic violators reapplying their license (I can tell when they were called out).  They looked like partygoer and no bashful look at all. Okay, no offense, I should take it easy being bullied on Chinese road for years.

You do know that you can study for this test on line and it is in English. I got my license  in 2014.

I did.  OMG.  Otherwise I would have no clue.
Had my first Chinese license in 2005 in Shenzhen, long expired.  It was so EASY back then.  Easy test, easy paperwork (just bring your passport).  Now I had spent CNY500 on translation, notary etc.  And they actually went on DMV website to varify my license.  It took a week(?) because they had trouble with the internet.

I am a Malaysian. Anyone know if I can drive in China with an international driving licences? I am not sure if I can survive with this 100 Questions test!

I have lived in Guangzhou for ten years. I got my own driving license when I was in college. If you have a foreign driver's license, you can apply for a Chinese driving license easier. You need to go to the Guangdong Vehicle Management Office and submit some documents, such as your ID, temporary accommodation registration certificate, overseas driver's license, body report, medical report, your photo, etc. After paying for the application, you can make an appointment to test.

Just As Noble said, you need convert your driving license into Chinese driving license first.

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