how country is Beijiao Town, Shunde District

I cannot seem to find out where exactly this school is located, the address is  Beijiao Town, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province...

I want to know is there a market? Grocery stores? I would be at a boarding school and could eat cafeteria food--but what if I want to do my own shopping?

How realistic will it be to visit Guangzhou? Hong Kong? Macau?

I didn't get a good idea from the director as to how far the school is from any town center.

Any info appreciated!

where are you? you are in foshan?

Hello RMDee,

I'm new to china also, haven't even arrived yet actually. I found your post because the teaching job I have with GCGS is at the same location. Will u be working at the same school?

I'm from The Couve and it would be interesting to meet/work with someone from the same hometown.

Regardless, good luck and hope to see you respond,

Have you arrived at Beijiao? It is a small town and it takes time to travel to Guangzhou, HongKong and Macau. If you need help to find the way to your school just send me a message.

I've just been to Beijiao for car maintenance last week.  Hey there is a new Ikea store just 20 minutes away.  Nice town.

Foshan is pretty nice. It's not a big place. You should enjoy yourself there.

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