Moving to Songshan Lake found in Dongguan - How is it there?

Hi, I'm moving to China the end of this month. I'm going to be living in the Songshan Lake district but I can't seem to find it on the maps. Can anybody help? Thanks :)

Is it in Guangzhou?

I never hear about this district.

It's apparently a few km's outside guangzhou, by the songshan lake?

after checked, songshan lake is in Dongguan, not Guangzhou. It is a different city.

Oh ok thanks :) how far is that from Guangzhou? It's not too far hey?

after checked, songshan lake is in Dongguan, not Guangzhou. It is a different city.

Hi Mellis, it is about an hour by bus to Guangzhou.

Hi, Have you moved to Songshan?

I have lived in Shenzhen for 4 years now and we are planning to move to Dongguan this month.

I like the looks (online) of Songshan Lake, but have not personally been there. What do you think of the area?

If you are there, do you happen to know of an English speaking realtor?

Thanks...maybe we will meet someday if you are there!

Hi! I did live there, but I'm in Shenzhen now haha! If you are going to stay on the side where the town is then it is very nice. I worked at a school but it was on the other side of the lake so we were a bit isolated. The lake is beautiful and well-kept, you can hire a bicycle and cycle around the whole thing in a couple of hours without strain. The town is lovely, it has a Spar, lots of nice restaurants and a few interesting shops. It's a short bus or taxi ride from Dalingshan. It's definitely a nice place to stay. Unfortunately I don't know any English realtors, you would probably have to find one and translate what you want, or you can try googling "apartment rentals Dongguan". Otherwise, if it's not too far, the area of Dongcheng is a really nice area of Dongguan, with a lot more expats. It depends what your needs are and what your situation is :)

Thanks for your reply, we actually just moved to Songshan Lake 3 days ago! I guess we switched places :-) Where are you in Shenzhen? We were in Shekou. So, we will see! We did find an English speaking realtor and found a nice apt.

I'm sorry, I didn't see your post so it's my fault for replying so late! Do you like it there? I think it's a very pretty town. I changed schools, so I'm working in Bao'an now. Not as nice as Shekou or Futian, but at least I don't have to walk for ages to catch a bus. Do you drive your own car? The nicest mall in that area is the Wanda Plaza in Chang'an. It's about 15 minutes away by bus. It has a fantastic Aeon and a bunch of clothing boutiques. I hope you enjoy your time there. I know there's also a cinema there in the Songshan centre :)


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