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Please help me in clearing my confusion regarding the medical tests.

I am currently working in India and i got offer in Dubai. I saw that i need to complete particular tests. It was mentioned something about medical tests. I thought i can go any hospital and complete the tests and submit them.

When i read the news online about medical test i saw that i need to follow a procedure and go to GAMCA and collect slip then go to medical center which the slip states.

I do not have VISA yet, so can i go t GAMCA center without visa and just the passport and passport copy and photos?

also is it possible for me to go to dubai under work visa and complete the Medical tests there instead of here.

Kindly let me know what are the advantages/dis advantages to dubai to india.

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Thank you guys, for others who might get the same doubt in future..
I spoke to my company and they said I don’t need to do the medical tests here in my home country I am supposed to do the medical tests there in Dubai when filing for Residency. Just blood test and X-ray.


GAMCA is not necessary in UAE and it is not Goverment requirement. Som employers may request to do pre medical checkup and if you already in visit visa they will suggest nearest authorised medical clininic.
If you are in home country then List of Approved GAMCA Medical Test center[/url] will help to find Best

I got work permit from uae sponsor and i failed in gamca test.... So can i take visit visa and go to uae.

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