Looking for accommodation in Copenhagen.

I have been offered a job about a salary of 43k DKK per month. I will be moving to Copenhagen mostly in June 2018. I would need accomodation for 2 adults at affordable rates and also to know the cost per month. As I seen tax deduction is very high in denmark not sure if one can make big savings, so my wife decided to continue in IT as dependent also can work here. She has a total of 8 years experience in IT and her skill set is Oracle core dba and Oracle rac dba. What are the chances of getting a job in denmark for Oracle DBA skill set.

Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated!!


Hi Chandra,

Yearly tax, 2018, based on an income of 525,000 kroner, Gladsaxe municipality, wife doesn't work, 173.948,40 kroner. If your wife has a job of her own, your tax will amount to 190.439,40 kroner. (Just to give you an impression).

Housing prices depend on where you settle (and as this isn't a pick and choose market what you can get). Expect a monthly rent from 11,000 kroner + plus utilities. Shall we estimate 2,000 - 2,500 kroner for that purpose. Household another 5 - 6,000 kroner. As always, it depends on your habits. Some people can live for less. Commuting expenses depend on the daily distance. Expect 1,000 kroner. It might be much less, but as I don't know where you settle down in relation to your job, it is a rough estimate.

Regarding jobs:

I hope this will help you, but else you are welcome to ask again.


Thanks Nellie for your prompt response.

I will settledown in Copenhagen and ofcourse I will be looking for accommodation there only.

What are the chances of getting an IT job in Copenhagen or Denmark anywhere for English speakers. Or would there be any non it jobs available?

I heard that Denmark govt will give 7500DKK to employees if spouse joins them. Is it true?
Any conditions to be satisfied here?

Your help would be very much appreciated!!


You shall expect to live in one of the suburbs to Copenhagen, not downtown Copenhagen. And where to settle down, depends on where your company is located. Some times it may be faster from a more distant place than from a closer one as it depends on the traffic means in the area. However, I talk only of Greater Copenhagen.

Normally, only odd jobs as cleaning jobs and such are available if you don't speak Danish, but being an IT specialist is one of the few exceptions. I have enclosed some links in my former post. Take a look at them. You can also do a simple google search: IT, jobs, København, Copenhagen. If an add is written in English, it means that the company is prepared to take in an English speaker.

I don't know what you refer to regarding the amount of 7,500 kroner?

Thanks for your time and update about my query.

This helps!!

Thanks again

When talking about appartments, houses and so on I should suggest https://www.dba.dk/boliger/ but maybe you could need some with the danish language because you'll get difficulties using google translate here.

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