Moving from India to Bogota.

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I am from India . Looking to shift in Bogota Colombia. Can anyone help me about the safety and living in Bogota ?

You could go here and search for "safety bogota" and you will get a number of threads to read: … ia/bogota/

Like any big city, Bogotá has fairly safe places and some fairly unsafe places.  Street crime and crimes of opportunity in Bogotá exist and one must stay alert and not invite scrutiny by acting out of place, showing wealth or standing out - predators are quick to spot weaknesses and exploit them.

Living in Bogotá - you can also use the search function to read many posts about that.  Bogotá is a big city and has all the advantages and disadvantages common to big cities everywhere.

You could be more specific in your questions and get some useful answers - your general question can only be answered generally.  Some people really like Bogotá, others hate it.

I've been in Colombia for 18 months since 2016 .. and have yet to see more of Bogotá than the airport.

However, if I did visit, I would probably stay in the T-Zone -- which is not the Twilight Zone, but is Zona T (pronounced Tay) -- due to the many hotels, restaurants and casinos .. and the apparent relative safety of the zone compared to the grizzlier parts of Distrito Capital.

Colombia is just opening up to international Expating .. now that the era of peace transition period is underway.  So there is little English spoken throughout the country except for top-of-the-line hotels, universities and certain governmental agencies.

Bogotá is at high altitude, so don't expect India-style heat.  Here in Ipiales and Bogotá (both at high elevation), you need a jacket at night and sometimes a heater in your room at a hospedaje.

Due to crime factors, pollution and traffic, I do not consider Bogotá to be Expat-friendly for full-time residence, based on my research.

Consider the Coffee Zone for milder temperatures -- even outdoor swimming -- and better safety factors, with less traffic and pollution.

cccmedia in Ipiales, Nariño

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