My family is supposed to move in to Bogota on in the ends of July

Hi.all. Colombia forum.
My family is supposed to move in to Bogota on in the ends of July.

I have contacted 3 international schools for my daughters(9th and 3rd in American school year system). CNG, Colegio Anglo, Gran Bretana.

Is there anyone who write comments comparing with 3 schools.

Especially, I have some questions about Colegio Anglo.

1.Do they have international mood there? Are most of the students Colombian?

2. If my kids are not so fluent in speaking Spanish, could they have much trouble in keeping up with the classes?

3.Isn't it hard to take IB course for 11-13graders?

I am waiting for anyone's quick and kind reply.

Nice meeting you all here.

Hi BeSimple.  I can't compare as I have no experience with the CNG or the CGB. But my children go to the Colegio Anglo Colombiano, so I can tell you what I feel.

Yes, its an International school, and a very good one. Academic standards are excellent, and the Anglo recently scored the top grade again in the annual schools survey, covering a multitude of criteria.

Yes, the "mood" is certainly international, and they have connections with most of the top universities in the world, and many Anglo students are accepted into those top universities.  Having said that, the children are predominately Colombians.  President Santos' children, and families of other presidents have attended the Anglo, along with many of the top business people and wealthy residents in Colombia.  But there are many foreign children too, from all parts of the world.

But you will find they are not aloof or "snobby", nor do they have a superiority complex, such as you find in many top schools. For they attach importance to humility, compassion, and social caring, especially to those who are less fortunate, and the older children even go to some of the poor areas each year, and help build homes for the poor people.

In all, they turn out well balanced children with a good solid education. What more do you want for your children?

My own children could speak a little Spanish when we arrived in Colombia 3 years ago. Not perfect, but the school helped them by giving extra lessons in Spanish, and now they talk like native Colombians.  Many lessons are in English, and some in Spanish too. And any child who is not too good in Spanish will get that extra help. All the other children I have met are very happy, and perhaps that's the most important thing. A good education isn't the only requirement for us parents. Its vital that they are happy there. And they do seem to be.

Hope this helps.

Thanks a lot for getting back to me , Sr.Ingles loco.
Your quick and kind comments absolutely helped a lot.
I am so excited to get vivid comments in details. Some worries that I have had is going away.
The point is if administration of admission would accept my kids or not. 😁

I love some buildings in C.Anglo designed by a famous arquitector posted on google images. I was so surprised to see their asethetic sense including high qualified educational system.

I heard that they are kind of strict when getting required documents. , is it right?
Wish me a good luck.
Thank you so much.


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