Why are Colombian women so hospitable?

My boyfriend invited me over to his grandparents’ home to celebrate his birthday, and I was pleasantly surprised with how welcoming his relatives were! They prepared a large celebration, which was attended by all his family members and close friends. The food tasted great and his grandmother, aunts, and cousins complimented me and were really friendly too. Why are Colombian women so hospitable and warm? I never expected them to accept and actually like me, so this is foreign territory for me.

1. Your New England charm.

2.  Their delight at discovering that their boy chose one of the great ones.

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The short answer is, this is the Colombian national character.  It is a country of many contradictions but everyone who's ever been there and had the pleasure to get to know them, can attest to their friendly and open nature even though they endure many difficulties and hardships in their lives that mostly we in the "developed" world never experience.

They are always open to having a celebration and for family and friends to get together for almost any reason.  Life is short, enjoy it while you can.

They all have their defects and virtues just like any other people.  But especially at the beginning they will try to make a good impression on you, because mostly they are genuinely open and happy people.  They're not all that way but if you have the good fortune to know a good family from the inside, you get to see the best of Colombia and its people.

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