Hungary visa

Hi Guys, i would be moving to Budapest based on family re unification based on my husbands work permit which is long term.
Is is possible that i first enter Switzerland or do i need to enter Hungary only as my first country. I plan to do a small trip before i get step my foot in Hungary, is it possible to do so??
In case i need to enter Hungary first how long do i need to stay there before i get my resident permit OR i travel to some other country in the schengen area ??

The Hungarian office of Immigration and Asylum it the one to contact with your question.

Please see:

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Is anyone have knowledge about the following:

My tenant had her visa expired, and she is back home, but upkeeps her property contract in the hope of getting a new one.

But contract expires in the upcoming months.

Is it acceptable for visas (new visa) if we expand the lenght of term of the rental contract remotely (via post office/ letters)?