Cost of Living in Penang with family


I'm likely to get a offer for a job in Penang, Malaysia and I have few queries/concerns, please see if you can help me out on this:
1. Presently drawing around INR 40L/A including taxes in India and expecting a offer of about 20~25K in Malaysian Currency, is this enough to for a family of 3, kid is 12 years old and in High School so need to consider the cost of living alongwith School Fees
2. My reason is exposure to new job profile which I think will have positive impact on my career, so ready to compromise a bit in finances but not to the extent that it becomes difficult to survive in Malaysia, i have some home loan back in India which also needs to be taken care of. So what do you suggest?

Look forward to your responses.

Could you "translate" the LAC figure - it's not something people outside of India are familiar with.  Tq

Education cost will depend a lot on the curriculum you want for your son. The majority of schools in Malaysia offer the Cambridge UK pathway, but US and IB are also available. There is an informative website which covers many of the schools and shows their fees. These rise with the age of the student - the tuition fees should be understood as only part of the cost, as there are various other charges and deposits (returnable and non-returnable). plus a subset

Here is a comparison of the COL … Comparison  KL is used because there is insufficient data about Penang.

The salary level you mention is reasonable by local standards and at an easily livable level also taking into account education costs. However, the lack of continuation of the Indian curriculum in Penang might be a problem you need to consider

Thank you.
If I convert to Malaysian Ringgit then it's coming to about 25K so i believe I will get what I'm getting now but with higher cost of living in Penang comparatively. I do save quite a bit in India

Don't quite understand you say savings living in PG. Your expenses are considerably more in PG both COL and high cost of schooling … in-penang/

Plus on mainland Penang -

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