Accommodation in Johor Baharu
Updated 2017-09-18 11:35

Johor Bahru lies in the southernmost region of Peninsular Malaysia, just across the border from Singapore. In fact, many people who work in Singapore actually live in Johor Bahru for the substantially cheaper rent and living costs, and they commute by the Causeway or 2nd Link bridges.

The Iskandar development focuses on creating economic success in the region, and is one of the reasons why this city is thriving and attracting more and more expatriates.

As a result of the rapid development that is taking place, there is an abundance of accommodation options in Johor Bahru ' from luxury condominimiums to townhouses on gated estates. The luxury condo market in particular has been flooded in recent years, with much more supply than Johor Bahru has shown the ability to absorb. However, the economic boom expected as a result of Iskandar, as well as the MRT extension from Singapore, is expected to rectify this in the next five years or so.

The prospects for Johor Bahru remain bright and, in the meantime, the fact that construction has so far outpaced demand is great news for expatriates who can take their pick of great accommodation at affordable prices.

Where to live in Johor Baharu

There are many condominiums in Johor Bahru that are popular with expats, as they offer modern facilities and general building maintenance. Most are in the centre and nearby surrounds, as convenience is key for many people working in the city.

After the success of its first waterfront development called Danga Bay, Country Garden is set to add thousands more luxury seaview condos to the real estate market in Johor Bahru. Country Garden's Forest City will also be developed on four artificial islands and will house 700,000 people on an area that is four times the size of New York's Central Park. It's the biggest of about 60 projects in the Iskandar Malaysia zone around Johor Bahru, and highlights the significant growth encouraged in the region.

Since the launch of Iskandar, several gated housing communities have been built to the west of Johor Bahru city, clustered in an area called Nusajaya, which is near the 2nd Link bridge that connects the city to Singapore. Most of the properties on these estates are bungalows, mansions and townhouses. Horizon Hills, Leisure Farm, East Ladang, Bukit Indah, Ledang Heights, Puteri Harbour and Medini are some of the estates that are popular with retirees, investors and expatriates ' particularly those who are working in Singapore.

People report being able to commute to Singapore's central business district from housing estates such as East Ledang and Leisure Farm in just 45 minutes, as they are less than a 10-minute drive from the 2nd Link bridge.

Proximity and security is a selling point for these estates, as are the facilties, such as a golf course, and the opportunity to have a plot of land with a garden.

Rent prices in Johor Baharu

The rental market in Johor Bahru is supposedly in the renter's favour at the moment, as there are more vacancies than potential tenants. Rental prices are being pushed lower as the market becomes more swamped, and this means that you are in a good position to try to negotiate your rent.

Monthly rent for standard furnished accommodation ranges from around RM1,500 to RM3,000, depending on the neighbourhood.

Rent in a housing estate on the outskirts of Johor Bahru ranges from about RM2,500 to RM10,000 a month. From about RM2,500, you can look to rent a 2,500 square feet semi-detached townhouse in an estate like Horizon Hills.

Find accommodation in Johor Baharu

To find rental accommodation in Johor Bahru that meets your needs and budget, it's worth contacting a local estate agent. It's up to the owners of the property to pay the estate agent fees, so there shouldn't be any direct cost for you, but it's still worth verifying beforehand.

Alternatively, you could begin your accommodation search on a specialised website that allows you to set filters according to your budget and requirements. It's also worth browsing through local newspapers if you're already in Malaysia.

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