Checking If there is any morrocan living in Prague Like me

Hi everybody,

My name is KADIM Ahmed, a Moroccan Guy, and I came to Prague for work purpose, I want to know if there is any other fellow Moroccan (male or female) is living in the same city like the case with Paris, Brussels, London, etc ..., if yes then I will ask in Darija : "BANOU AL IKHWANE, BANOU"

khoyaa ana 3ad baghi nji l Czech n9ra tema t9dr t3awni f des informations ?


chokran 3afak 3tini l whatsapp wla l facebook dialk ndwiw

Hi everyone,

Could you please post in English only since this an english speaking forum.

Thank you


Ah, OK, sorry for changing the language, I was searching for a Morrocan person in Prague like me, that's why I used my native language.

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