Good Morning to all Expats,

Soon, I will move to Montenegro for my future life. Before I move, planning to clarify some legal issues as how to get a residence permit and how long (I have a house at there), to open a bank account and how to prepare a testament.  Would be appreciated if you can help me about these issues.

Thanks in advance and all the best

Hi - We've been in Montenegro for nearly 12 years now but we still rely on our accountant to help with all the things you mention. Where will you be living? Our accountant is based in Zelenika near Herceg Novi and I would have no hesitation about recommending her but you may want to ask for recommendations for accountants in the area you want to live.

Good luck - Montenegro is a wonderful place to live.

Hi, I will be living close by Danilovgrad starting from end of this year if there is no delay with the expiry of my work contract here. For residence permit and bank account collected the information; nor the missing part is testament. Is it possible to do by a notary if yes; how to do?

Last year, when I decided to leave from Turkey started to search the houses on internet and when I saw the house which I bought; I felt in love.  I little cottage house inside of a little garden; it was my dream. Definitely I agree with you; Montenegro is amazing; the nature, people, soil, climate; all wonderful. I believe in as the rest of my life will be full of peace and serenity...

Hi Zelce
    Regarding making a Testament and will in Montenegro one of the things required are 2 witnesses and you will also need the names of two people who will execute your testament.I completed my Testament with my advocat and he gave me one copy of the Testament and he has a copy in his office .I am not sure if notaries can make a Testament in Montenegro and I am sure if they can carry out this work it would be a lot cheaper.

Dear Kumbor,

Many thanks for the information; Normally also it has to be possible to make without advocate; only by notary but could not find the certain information yet. Based on the information; if the notary has authorization to do this then I have to find two witnesses and also have to give contact information of two person who will execute the testament; am I right?

Thanks in advance and kind regards,

I think you could call into a notary office at the nearest town and ask them if they will make a Testament for you and what the fees are. i payed my advocat 100euro a few years ago .You might also ask in the notary office do they keep a copy of the testament if they do this work .The 2 witnesses can be anyone but usually the people who would execute the testament are people you know very well and they don't have to be present when you are making the testament but it would be a good idea to have their passport numbers and all contact details.

Dear Kümbet,
Thank you so much for all theese information; that's perfect. I will get in touch with the notary to ask for if they keep a copy or not and for more details. Once I asked to a lawyer and she asked for 500 Euros for this service which is quite expensive for my budget. Hope to solve this much more acceptable amount with the notary.
Kind regards

PS: Sorry for the name mispeling; it is auto complete trap of the phone...

hi zelce
            that's sounds like a good idea let me know how you get on .The fee you were quoted by the lawyer was very high something like this should only cost about 100 euro.You are right to get a testment/Will made in Montenegro as I am sure while you might have a Testament made in your country of birth it would be advisable to also have one in Montenegro if you have bought a property.If you need the name of my lawyer I can forward it to you .He is based in Kotor and has very good English.

Dear Kumbor,

Today send an e-mail to the notary public where we did the purchase procedures of my home. Hope to get an answer soon. Also wish to say thank you for all your time to answer my questions. That would be great also to get the contact information of your lawyer just in case. Can you send that to me with DM?

Thanks in advance and kind regards,

Selamlar bizler de Karadağ a tasınıyoruz, Yunanıstan'dan. Şuanda orada misiniz? Bar şehri hakkında düşünceniz nedır?


Ben henüz taşınmadım; kısmetse bir yıla kadar Danilovgrad'a taşınacağım. Bar uluslararası rıhtıma sahip bir şehir bildiğim kadarı ile; Yük ve yolcu taşımacılığı yapılıyor. Bu da şehrin turizm ve ticaret olarak gelişmiş, olduğu anlamına gelir.

Karadağ her yeri ile büyüleyici bir ülke ve gerek yeni gelenlere, gerekse orda olanlara huzur dolu günler vereceği inancındayım.


Hi everyone,

We are on the Montenegro anglophone forum, so can you please post only in english so that other members can understand and participate as well?

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Oups, Sorry for that, he asked in Turkish hence answered in Turkish. With a summarys, he was asking for my thought about Montenegro and Tivat.

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