Working before receiving a Carte Vitale

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I was wondering if you need to have your carte vitale before you find and start work? I am in the process but I keep receiving letters of documents that need revision or additional information. Currently, I am looking for a court-approved translator to translate my birth certificate. (So I guess I have two questions... the second being...)
Does anyone know of a court-approved translator that I could contact in the Aix-en-Provence area?

Merci beaucoup pour votre aide!


I am in the same lengthy process.  I was told the employee can ask for a temporary number. As well a Dr. can ask for one if you need to see a Dr. before receiving it. I used this company
For certified translation. They were good.
Good luck and lots of patience!!

Thanks I appreciate the response nuadventure :)  I just found a translation company. Patience, it seems, is the biggest thing to have when applying haha! (Based on the forum questions and responses)

Hi Cuesta,

When I was working in Marseille ( we left 2 years ago), it was a kind of painful process. Originally, I am from the EU but it turned out that it does not really matter. I worked at an institute and we immediately asked for Carte Vital. I worked there for two years. And I did not get the Carte Vital during that 2-year period!
First, they lost my entire file, hence we had to send everything again. Then we always got  a letter that they need this and that...and every time, I went to the office with a local, native French people...but it did not speed up the whole process.
I am already getting "excited" about to "reclaim" Carte Vital as we are going back to south France in this year to settle down...
On the other hand, if I know correctly, you do not need to have Carte Vital to start your job (it is really for your health insurance). Basically you can start to work and show them a proof that you already applied for Carte Vital.
So, as you said correctly, patience is your biggest friend in this situation.
Hope this helps et bon courage :-)

Oh man thats a story! Actually it is so similar to mine, perhaps its standard procedure...
Good luck next time, Im still waiting...yet 5 months is early still.

Well, I am not sure how standard this is but one should definitely wait. If we get back again, I am curious that does it speed up the procedure the fact that we already have the "Lettre de Attestation" with our SSN number (therefore we are already in the system in a way) or not at all? Besides having the necessary documents, I think there is only one thing (OK, two) left: fingers crossing and waiting.
But, honestly, I have no big hopes especially because we go back on summer when many French people go for vacation ;-)

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