Moving to Berlin from India - accommodation required


I am moving to Berlin from India as my spouse is moving there for work purposes, in the first week of February. I am looking out for short term accommodation and wanted help to get information on the price range for an apartment and where to look for places in Berlin.

Also, what areas can I consider for looking for an apartment in Berlin where I can easily find accommodation.


It is not clear from your post whether you are asking about long-term or short-term accommodation. These are separate issues and thus I answer separately:
- Short-term acommodation is available in hotels, B&Bs or serviced apartments (the latter are cheaper than hotels, but not by much). You can find them through the usual booking websites like, serviced apartments through specialized agencies (google "Kurzzeitmiete Berlin").
- For long-term accommodation, you need to review ads on, or, view the places and negotiate a rental contract with the landlord. You need to be in Berlin and spend time (weeks) on this. You also need a German friend or agent to help you. Please note that there are very few furnished places and those are very expensive, so you should bring or buy your own furniture and household stuff.
Regarding the cost: Like most German cities, Berlin publishes an official survey of rentals, the "Mietspiegel", which you can find at … el2017.pdf
(As a newbie and foreigner who needs to find something quickly, budget 20-30% above the average rents stated ion the Mietspiegel, or for furnished places at least double.)

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