Can I travel in South America with Cédula de Identidade Estrangeiro?

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I am Indian living in Brasilia and married to a Brazilian woman. I have Cédula de Identidade Estrangeiro (CIE) card. I need to know, Based on CIE card if I can travel in other countries in South America like Argentina, Chile, Uruguay etc. without applying for a visa to those countries?


You need to check the visa requirements for every country you plan to visit.  Living in Brasília, that shouldn't be especially hard.  Mercosul members (Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay) MIGHT extend a break, but I wouldn't take anything for granted.

As far as I know you don't need any visa for mercosul with CIE card...

Hi anybody knows about visa requirement for Chile who holds a Brazilian permanent resident ? Can I go to Chile with my RNE permanent resident card without visa or carry passport ?

Yes you go go to Chile on the can enter any country that Brazilians can enter with only RG and Chile is one of those. The CIE card overides and need for a visa if your from a country that needs a visa....You are regarded as a Brazilian Resident, not a citizen of your home country.

Great article here from gov site, you'll notice CIE estrangeiro is a recognized Brazilian Mercosul travel Document - irregardless of your nationality … sul-com-rg

You can go to any mercosul country or Associate member
Argentina Uruguay, Paraguay   as well as : Bolivia, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela , Chile

I personally was with a Chinese guy who entered Argentina to go to Foz do Iguaçu with a Temporary residence card (Looks like an RNE but valid for two years) He was working as an expat in Rio
He recieved all the same treatment as any Brazilian including entering with no passport or visa(Chinese require visa for Argentina) and getting discounts at the parks.

I personally have travelled to Argentina and right to Providencia a small colombian caribbean island using only RNE is the past, although I wouldn't have needed visa on my SA passport

Great thank you so much so I only need to carry RNE or do I need carry my passport too ?

Awesome man you are the best on this forum regarding giving information. An other question how long it took for you to get Brazilian citizenship?

from start of process til my name was published in Portaria 9 months, but I only found out my process was done about 4 months later ( they never updated the site, I found my name by a random internet search.)

I just recently got the RG and I can only get the passport in November after the election as they are not registering new voters now because of it so it wil have been about 18 months from application to passport, although it could have been done in 10 months

a year is a good time estimate

Allow me entering here just to add information based on my personal experience!
Well, I do have permanent residence in Brazil since 2016. Last year, I had to attend a conference in Chile. I contacted the embassy, they said that I had to apply for the visa, so PR didn't override in my case.

I wanted to travel to Chile just by bus to enjoy the trip, hence I contacted Argentinian embassy to know about my situation. they also said that I need to have a visa. So, I canceled that program and flew to Chile directly after getting the visit visa.

There are many official sites of Mercosul governments where you can find that any permanent resident can move without a visa but this isn't actually understood by immigration officials. One day I decided just to get information in detail from Mercosul head office in Uruguay. I gave the links and explained about the written form of the visa waiver for permanent residents, the reply was just that who are not citizens of Mercosul nations require a visa. The official didn't even want to explain in detail. So I neither want to get in trouble at immigration points, so be careful.

According to my perception, as there are not many cases of foreigners (Travelling to Mercosul nations) who require a visa in case of absence of Permanent residence of Mercosul, so they don't actually understand the clause. Those foreigners who don't require a visit visa, they can enter without any problem even when they don't have any residence in any Mercosul nation. South African Passport holders don't require any visa to Argentina for visit so, they can visit Argentina without any problem.

Now, I am not sure and don't have any experience of crossing the borders with the Permanent card or landing on the airports to these Mercosul nations. But Whenever, I contacted the embassies, the answer was the same.

If we want to know and try the implication of this clause we need to contact the governments actively.


El Hasan

Oh really that is crazy so I need visa 😢

Regarding citizenship like we go to federal police and apply citizenship right?
When we apply police federal keep the test or they just ask clef-bras certificate ? Once we submit the documents will police visits our home to see ?  Do I need police report from my country with certified from Brazilian embassy in Sri Lanka ?

1.  Based on the new rules, Policia federal will not entertain the naturalization application without the applicant having a certificate of Proficiency in the Portuguese language, which in simple terms means that the applicant must pass the CELPE Bras.

2.  A home visit is done after the submission of the application

3.  A translated authenticated or apostilled criminal certificate is required from all of the countries that you have been a resident of in the last 5 years.

Hope this helps

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