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   I have been offered a job teaching Kindergarten in Anaco, Venezuela.  I have two concerns.  The first is my safety.  I am a 25 year old white Canadian female, and I am under the impression that Venezuela is not a safe place to reside.  Does anyone have any insights on this?  Also, I am curious about any political turmoil that is going on?  I have heard rumours, but am wondering if anything will effect me?  Any other information you can provide would be wonderful!  Thank you so much!

Hi, how are you? My name's José Zapata from Maturín, Venezuela. Good question, in general Venezuela is not safe but it's not so dangerous, concerning Anaco, I can tell you that it's not safe at all, besides it's very expensive, it is one of the most expensive cities in Venezuela, I can tell you this because I have friends who live there, and especially I have one who left Anaco to study in Maturín, now he works here. I recommend that you ask for other places, such as Maturín, for instance, here in Maturín, there is an academy of languages who loves hiring English native speakers, so I think you can find a job here, the academy is "Wall Street Institute" but the local one, that is, Maturín, Maturín is better than Anaco, concerning safety. Now, about political problems, no, it won't affect you at all, they are just rumors!! So I invite you to visit Venezuela, hey if you want to contact me, I'll leave you here my phone number :)

José Zapata.
Phone number: 58-426-493-55-63

Hi Ms Troch ;) ,

Anaco is a really expensive place to live at. Concerning about safety, Venezuela is dangerous if you show off (pulling out a Blackberry, a gold chain, walk around unsafe places, and so on). But as in any new country you visit or move to, you should be aware of your sourroundings, and try to don't seem lost. There are two schools for Expats that are really good, one in Margarita and another in Merida. Try to check them out.

I actually reside in Caracas (Capital), but I've had an insight of Vargas, Miranda, and Carabobo states. If I can help you with any other information, I'd be glad to help you out.

Mr. Zapata, are you still living in Maturin?  My husband and I are considering jobs at the local international school - we would be teaching music there.  We are wondering about the current climate in Maturin and of course Venezuela in general.

Thanks, Tammy

Is maturin, Venezuela is a safe place to visit not from the country? presently how it is

I am very curious about how is the living in Maturin, Venezuela right now. Are there many foreigners? How about asian population?
In the internet, webs always say that Maturin is very dangerous to live . It is also not safe at home.
Wha are the safe areas in Maturin and what people do for the weekend? Or after work?



I have the same question as the kindergarten teacher above are you still offering advice for newbies moving in .Will be great help if you could advise on safety living in vanezula dos n donts for female living alone in vanezula 
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