Moving to Finland with kids

Hi guys! Hope all of you in good health and doing well.
I am contemplating a move to Finland for a degree that may require 4 or more years to finish. I have 2 kids, however; and need to plan carefully.  Are there any offices I can contact to get information as to housing, primary schooling,  cost of living....etc?
Are there any people here who went through similar experience?
Any information or link will be appreciated.
One of the universities I picked is JAMK, city of Jyväskylä. Any specifics about this city??
Thanks in advance to anyone who responds.

First of all Jyväskylä is very cold -15 c to -25 c, so you need to put on proper winter clothes.

The best source of information is the university you are attending as they have the exchange programs with housing, day care etc.

Cost of living in Finland is little above European standard, especially rents and food. You have to expect 600 - 1200 € rent for a studio to 2 bed rooms and depending on location. If you are an exchange student, they might have "family" apartments which are a little cheaper. Note, In Finland they indicate 2 rooms, as a 1 bed room and a 1 living room.

The rental agreements are in general 1 year, and the agency fee is 1 month (payed by the apartment owner, which is obviously backed into the rent). You have to have a home insurance (OP Insurance is a good price), and electricity contract, The internet is often included (5 Mbit, you pay extra for higher speeds).

It all depends on your back ground, are you student or visiting lecturer, tourist ... , the premises are obviously different.

Thank you do much for your insightful reply. I will check with the university.

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