HELP - Chiang Mai fully booked in January?

Hi fellow expats, I need help!

I've called around all day to various apartments in Chiang Mai, but all seem to be fully booked, my budget is around 8k to 10k Thai baht, anyone knows of a place still have rooms available? I'm looking to check in around the 20th of January, and don't really have requirements to the place other than being somewhat centrally located in the city.

I've got confirmation from The Bliss they're having a room available, … liss-hotel but it's a bit above my budget starting at 14k a month. Anyone know this place or currently staying there?

Any help is really appreciated  :sosad:

Have you tried guesthouses ? air bnb ?

Should have used a booking site, I just looked at a popular one.

Rose Guest house was 8,700 for 29 nights beginning Jan 20, but they have only one room left.

Jasmine house is 9,750 for the same time...and there are a smattering around 10K+

Good luck.

Are you looking for an apartment or a hotel? It's probably best to look for an apartment in-person rather than online. Fortunately CM is a tourist Mecca and affordable hotels are legion.
Try this: … otels.html
8,000-10,000B = $250-$300/month?

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