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I might be looking to buy something up there - what is the market like? Prices do not seem to be down - I might be interested in a condo w/amenities but i do have a thai wife and can buy land & house too -

I don`t know pretty much about Chaingmai real-estate, but in Pattaya prices was dropped to 20-30%. But good property still cost a lot.
If you have small budget, and just want to buy something were to live, I recommend you to buy a condo. If you want a private house with a garden, and your budget is about or more USD100, better for you to buy a piece of land and built there a house. It is not necessary to have a thai wife, moreover it is prohibited by the law, to own a houses for you thai wife.
More easy was is to set up a thai company, and buy a house for a company name. This way is also prohibited, but more difficult to cath you.
The only one way, which was offered to foreigners to own a land is leasehold. Maximum period of contract - 30 years. Maximum possible lease period - 90 years (contract with two prolongation). Good idea, but a lot of people doubt will it works, because no one "30-years-contract" was over. First one will begin to end in 10 years.

Yep Mak Mak is absolutely right for land it is leashold option. I know quite a few people who have done this and are happy. Everyone is different and you have to weigh up your options and plus's and minus's.

Chiang Mai is still relatively reasonably priced compared to other destinations such as Phuket or Ko Samui. It has many of the benefits of a city but not the mass over crowding. Some beautiful countryside. Got a sort of big town feel to it. I love it. Cooler weather too.

You can still buy a low end condo for 1m baht  and a house for 3-10m baht. All depends what you like, what you expect, location and what your status is to enable ownership. Some new developments around but check quality carefully and do your homework as you would back home. The market has risen slightly but not as dranatically as say Phuket or Hua hin etc. You can if you are careful get some good deals.

Building your own home is the best option as far as value for money is concerned as you get what you want and if you use the right construction company better quality too. But using the right company is essential. Chiang Mai builders vary in quality and price. It is down to the individual home and what you have built. No standard costs.  But the sensible person uses a professional company with an office and a good reputation. Who will look after you and has alot of experience in building homes. There is a lot of truth in "you get what you pay for" and particularly here.

Construction costs in Chiang Mai go up and down according to the home, the materials you use and the details. But for reasonable quality 15,000-20,000 baht a square meter; and for a really nice home with good quality finish I would say 20-30,000 baht a sqm. That is finished ready to walk in but with no furniture. You will hear silly figures bandied about by so called armchair experts that you can build for 8000 baht a very careful listening to inexperienced and rediculous advice. At that rpice I guess it is a thin walled Thai style bungalow in Udin Thani but nothing like the stanadrds we expect in USA, Canada, Europe or Australia.

Most decent homes in reality will cost in the range 15-30,000 a sqm completed. There are a few good Chaing Mai builders and you can find them on the internet. If you have never built a home before make sure you use a good Chiang mai builder with a reputation and track record.  Save you alot of hassle and wasted money !

Hope that helps you.

I have a total of 4 Rai in Chiang Rai for sale All or part. 3 rai of land with 1 rai of lake. Land is flat , has been raises, and has a private road to the site. Please let me know if you are interested.

hi talbot, where exactly is your land?

The land is about 8 Kilometere out of town center about the same distance as the white temple. In Nong Ma. on den ha road.

It is on raised land with NO flooding and only 1 falang Neighbor. The lake (pond) is stocked. the land is fenced on all 4 sides and has a Great view od Chiang mountian as a backdrop for sunsets. there are 3 Rai to build a home and a 1 rai lake on the property.
It is located behind the Technical collage, and there is NO trafic in the area. Very quiet as well. Any futher Questions please let me know

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