Moving to Spain with a 12-year-old

Hello!  We are moving to Spain this year, August 2018, from the US.  We have dual US/Spanish citizenship but have never lived in Spain.  We are looking to move to Salamanca, Madrid or Valladolid.  We would love recommendations on great schools or advice on any of those cities.  Our daughter is a gymnast (gimnasia artistica), which is her passion, and she would like to continue training.  My research so far shows no gymnastics studios in Salamanca other than rhythmic gymnastics, so our only choice may be Madrid or Valladolid.  I will be working throughout Europe as a court reporter, so semi-easy access to an airport/train is important.  Our main goal is that our daughter learns beautiful Spanish, so we are not looking for English schools.  Thank you in advance for any advice!  Ana

I believe you do not get a choice as to which public school your child goes too. They go where they are told to by the local council.

Thank you very much for this information.  That is so interesting.  We have several interviews with schools in February.  I am sure we will learn a lot of this information in our interviews.

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