Help! Why are there two weights on some can goods in Italy?

I am trying to grocery shop  and cook using recipes that I convert from ounces to grams - absolutely no problem there.  If a recipe calls for two 15 oz cans of cannellini beans, I know I need about 850 grams. 

BUT there are two different weights on my jars (couldn't find cans) of cannellini beans.  One says 360 g with a big 'e' AND 250 g.  The other says 570g (with the big e) AND 380 g.  Which of the two measurements do I use?  The first or the second?

By the way, my can of tomatoes simply says 800g with the large lowercase e.

Thanks for any help.

I believe the 2nd, lower number is the drained net weight, which is what you should use.

You might pick up an inexpensive kitchen scale to verify.

Romaniac Experts Team

Thanks so much. That makes sense.

I do have a good kitchen scale.  I'll do that the next time I open a jar.  (This time, I ended up just dumping in both cans, knowing that if one weight was right I would have a bit too few and if the other weight was the one I should have used, I'd have a few too many.

I guess the trick now is to figure out what the American recipe's '15 oz' can refers to - drained or undrained weight!

Thanks again.

Also, the large e symbol signifies that the filled quantity is estimated, but conforming to EU tolerances on margin of error.....a fun fact I guess :)

That IS interesting.  I had no idea what the 'e' was.  But I'd never have guessed 'estimated.'

By the way, I've no idea if I used too many or too few beans, but the soup was good and I have enough to not cook for a week!


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