Moving to Tuscany. Any advice welcome 😀

Our family are moving to Tuscany from UK in Aug 2017 and giving it a go for a year. We have a rental property and have secured school places for our girls aged 4 and 8.

The plan is that I commute, 1 week UK, 1 week Italy. I have a permenant job in UK with a Local Authority who are flexible. My wife plans to pick up work teaching English, or any job really.

We have enough savings in the bank and just doing it to get a differing lifestyle. My wife has family who will live close by.


Does anyone else do a similar commute? Would I be an Italian resident or Uk, and who do I pay the taxes too?

My wife will be applying for Italian residency with the girls. Any issues with this?

I am buying a left hand drive car in Uk and driving it over and using that in Italy. Any views on insurance?

I have read we will have to get private health insurance. Is this correct and what would be the costs around this?

Any advice on any of the questions would be appreciated in addition to anything else you think we may need to know.

Many Thanks



Residence: To the best of my (limited) knowledge you'll be considered to be an italian resident if you stay here more than 6 months. We don't have split year tax treatment.

Health care: If your wife and children will apply for italian residency they'll get free health care (not dental care, though). Sadly, public free health care is not good as it was (EU austerity). In some places it's still very good. Usually Italians don't have a private insurance but things are changing. A private insurance for a family of three costs betwenn 1,200-2000 euro /year. For one person only about 800 euro.

Car: If you keep your UK residency and buy a car in UK, you only need a UK insurance covering risks while you drive in the EU. If you get an italian residency and you want to buy /  take here a car with a UK plate you need assistance from a specialized italian "agenzia pratiche auto". It could be expensive and annoying. If you get an italian residency the best choice is to buy a car in Italy.

Hope someone can give you more accurate answers


I want to add that for the residence issue you should ask help to a professional italian accountant. I'm afraid that if your wife and children get an italian residence and you keep being UK resident, the money you send them will be considered to be taxable income.

Thanks Paulo.

It appears I can buy a car in UK and have it taxed for the year in Italy/Europe. Found an insurer.

I have also read that there is a tax agreement with Italy where I can apply to Hmrc to have taxes taken by Italy even though I earn my money in UK. Will look into further.

What do you mean by split tax year?

As far as I'm aware we have to apply for residency within 3 months. Though will do much sooner as kids are starting school.

Many thanks.



Big problem here: what will be the effect of BREXIT???
Nobody knows.

We are a Dutch couple that move to Italy 10 years ago and profited from the EU regulations.
I described our (bureaucratic) adventures in detail in my book Living in Italy: the Real Deal. Maybe it would give you some idea what to think of and where the complications are.
Good luck,

Hi gary,

Just wondering how you're getting on?! I've joined this forum/community as my family and I are planning to make the move to Tuscany next summer (2018). We have two boys who will be 5 and 4 by then. How have your children settled? Would love to get any useful information or tips!




Scuola Toscana has courses in Italian language for families, from one week up, with extracurricular activities included in the price, a fast way to get to know Florence and the vicinity, plus all the practical  information you need to live in Florence / Tuscany

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