Marital Status Certificate


May I know how to get marital status certificate? My bf is from Romania and we are confused on how to get that certificate for our marriage. And how is that certificate called in Romanian?

Thank you.

The certificate is called "certificat de cutuma" which is obtained from the city hall where your fiance lives in Romania.  Just to clarify, are you getting married in Singapore or Romania?

Romaniac Experts Team

Thanks, it was helpful.
And we not getting married in either country, planning for other country and we are told to get this certificate for both of us.

Buna seara (ma rog din tot ufletul sa mai folosiri forumul), suntem disperati, am aplicat pt visa prospective marriage si mi s-a cerut dovada no impediment to marry. Am incarcat certificat de celibat si mi-a spus ca nu este acesta documentul dar nici nu mi s-a spus care este.

Am fost la starea civila si nu m-au putut ajuta cu nimic. Ma gandesc ca odata ce mi s-a spus ca nu este acesta documentul inseamna ca nu are rost sa ma gandesc ca trebuia apostilat sa fie recunoscut si este vorba despre alt document. Nu stiu unde sa mai sun, cui sa mai dau mail unde sa mai rog ajutati-ma.


Hello can you please tell me the romanian name of the certificate? I have applied for prospective marriage in Australia and they ask for a document No impediment to marry. I have uploaded a certificate of celibacy how civil status was able to give me. Can you ask your husband please what document he uploaded to show that he is free to marry? How is it called and where I can take it? Thank you very much!

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