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hi, my name is chris I'm from england but live in thailand with my wife and daughters,i am a english teacher as I was in thailand, I left all my games and props in thailand when I came to hcmc to work and have been told there is a shop in district 5 that I can get games from does anyone know the address of this shop please
it would be really helpful,
thanks in advance,

tell me the name of the game and i will give you advise. I am a Vietnamese

Hi, I want a sticky ball, bingo cards and  numbers, plastic hammers and flashcards I was told the shop in district 5 supplied them all, another teacher mentioned a shop in district 4 I don't know whether it's the
same one and they got the districts mixed up, thanks for your reply.

Hi Chris,
Welcome to the forum.

Check post #5 on the thread below. That shop is in D5.

Else, you can buy online from Lazada.
All your items are available there.

Cheers!  :cheers:

Where do you teach?

Thanks senwl,
I looked at that store it looks like it is just stationary not games,another teacher said
he got his props from a shop in district 4 but doesn't have the address, so I will keep
searching the sooner the better for me,thanks again for your help,

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