Electrician Requirements

Hi, I am hoping to relocate next March to the US with my current company. My partner will be coming with me and I’m aware that he will need a green card to be able to work himself. He is an electrician but thinks he would have to retrain to be able to get employed work. Does anyone have any experience with this please?

Necanet.org is a good source of initial information. Otherwise google the respective state's licensing requirements.

Green Card - read up on how to obtain one at uscis.gov which is the official site.

Partner as in not married is not being recognized by US immigration. B2 cohabitation being the exception but it does not allow ED employment authorization card.

Company transfer - which visa will you be moving with? Probably L category which means your spouse will be able to apply for EAD.

No college education is required to become an electrician, but significant training takes place through an apprenticeship program, which provides in-class and hands-on instruction. They can be employed in a number of electrical jobs or work freelance, both of which mandate licensure.

Electricians might work for utility companies, construction firms or service providers. Electricians in different industries have varying job duties. For example, maintenance electricians working for factories might be required to service and repair assembly lines, while construction electricians who work on remodeling homes might need to install switches and rewire lighting.

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