Biking In/Around Addis


I will be moving to Addis Ababa in January 2018 and plan to bring my bicycle along. I am wondering if someone can give me an idea of what the road surfaces are like, as I want to make sure I have good tires. I'll be doing a lot of riding in the city proper, but I would also love to venture out occasional, like maybe up Entoto.

I want to know how much hard top I can expect, the quality of it, and if there will be a lot of gravel to deal with.

Thank you!

The road in Addis Ababa is mostly standard asphalt with supplementary and nehighouber roads are Cobblestone.  So the road surface is very good but still, you need to have a good tire with spare tubes. The road outside Addis, if occasionally for mountain biking, there are lots of gravel road. if you need you can see the road and off-road cycling route of wikiloc account:-

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