Do and don't in Israel

Are you living in Israel? We need you to share your experience of the local customs :)

Is it difficult to adjust to the local customs in Israel?

Could you please share with us a list of the do's and don't's in Israel?


jump the queue, toot your horn when ever, overtake on the wrong side, park 2 metres from the curb, actually park anywhere you like, stop in the middle of the road to talk to your friends,

Hi Harriet - I am sorry, but....
Are these "do" or "don't" ;-)

These are things that Israelis do regularly.

Things to "DO" before coming:

*DO ensure that you do not need anger management classes--if you do, then take them PRIOR to arriving (I honestly wish I had known this), and

*DO realize that Israelis don't care about anyone except themselves.

I'm serious. I once had an allergic reaction to someone's cigarette in a non-smoking restaurant, and when I asked them to put it out, they laughed and blew it in my face, on purpose. The management did nothing.

Good luck. ;)

do :
learn hebrew words for thankyou (to-dah) , please and welcome (bevakasha) !

dont :
well there are not too many donts ...besides talking to random strangers on the beach , being rude ...picking fights etc !

Hey hey hey.... All you write are the negative sides...

Yes there are bad sides, such as the "arsim" as we call them - these ppl that will try and pick a fight with you no matter what you do, they will try and hit on girls and will not leave them alone.

BUT, almost everybody speaks English. If you ask for directions, most people will help you. Israelis are loud and direct, but most of them are warm people.
Don't forget it's a very hot country, which is probably the cause for the hot tempered people. Well this and the political situation hovering above our heads everyday.
So yes, if you're coming from a "polite" country, it will be a bit difficult to adjust to the "rudeness" of the Israelis.

Another good thing - a girl can walk freely at 02:00 a.m and nobody will touch her. I don't know many countries where a girl can do that.

Dos & donts for Indians:
Middle-east is the nice place for Indians. you will be treated nicely, be it Jews or Arabs, Palestinians or Israelis or even Jordanians.

You can get carried  away by this welcoming nature as sometimes, you can cross to Palestinian territory without passport and come back without any problem but it's better to always carry them. GPS maps can get old as you can unknowingly cross borders. since you are Indian, they might usually let you go but again, please carry the passport.

as  Indian, you will gain perspective by seeing contrast diversities  very similar to India. You will find people comparing Palestine to Pakistan. please don't engage in political debate who is right or who is wrong. Indians are respected in middle-east because Indian govt. plays a constructive role without annoying anyone.

if you are working here, Israelis can get edgy when you confront them but really get delighted if you help them out. The military training changes them  a lot, you should remember, when you are talking to secular Israeli, you are talking to soldier as well.

If you carry your own culture here, most of people would appreciate it but some might not like it. remember, this is the land  of lots of history and culture; Memories of people here are sharp and wounds  are even deeper.

Hello, in August this year am planning to travel to israel and I would like to visit the City of Dimona. As it will be my first time in that country, I would love to associate with some one who can kindly accompany me.