I am interested in possibly moving to Las Terrenas, but am curious as to the weather.  Does this area receive much rain?  if so, is it an all day rain or passing shower?   does it have a lot of sunny days?   I do not want to move to an area that has days of rain that last for awhile.   would love to know what occurs here. thank you so much

Rain here for hte most part are afternoon or evening tropical showers.  It is rare to have all day rain and there is much more sun than clouds.

Bob K

thank you

Average yearly temperature is 82 degrees, trade wind tropical breezes, &  sunny days are the norm. Bob is speaking the truth about the rain, perhaps 12 to 15 all day rains a year. I've lived on Caribbean islands for for 30 + years & the DR is the best one by far. Just about anywhere on the North shore is an excellent choice. I prefer the Sosua /Cabarete area.  Welcome to a new way of enjoying life.

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