Long Term Rental in Punta Cana

Any help or advice on Long Term Rental Properties in Punta Cana. Not to expensive though


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PC being a tourist area will be more expensive to rent then other areas.  Your best bet is "boots on the ground".  Book a hotel for a week and send the time exploring the area and see what is available for rent.

Bob K

Been in PC for about two months looking at options including long-term rentals. Have found that most of the nicer condos will do mid-term, or short-term but are not interested in long-term rentals for a year or so. They don't want to miss out on peak season vacation renters. The further away from the beach the better your options are.

Hi  Jgolak,
You can contact Milos Korac Korac realtor in Punta Cana
Phone #***
He is also on FB.
Speaks English and Spanish...

He is very professional and honest person.

Good luck.

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Also tell Milos  SABIRA give you his info....

Thank you!

Thanks everybody for the help, much appreciated.
Guess I better get the old walking shoes out, ready to hit the pavement.

Thanks guys & gals


Picking an area to move to is no small matter.  The chance of making an error is 50/50 if there hasn't been an extensive exploration of the country.  It would be a real kick in the ass if after 6 months or so you find that maybe you prefer a location elsewhere.  Painful emotionally & money wise.  The DR is a very unique & beautiful island that is full of surprises.   If it is necessary to maintain a semblance of back home, yes, choose where a large population of ex-pats & things that are familiar to you.  But first explore & listen & learn about the island & most importantly yourselves.   There ain't nothing like it, nothing.  Welcome & good fortune to your search.

Thanks tinker40 much appreciated

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